Envisaging the Future Through R&D: A Future that Only Mitsui Chemicals Can Envision

The Importance of Remembering Our Origins and Continuing to Take On New Challenges for the Future

Remember our origins — this does not mean being stuck in, or clinging to, our past. When you consider matters, such as whether or not you have forgotten your dreams and hopes, or whether or not you are taking the right path, I believe your origins will always enlighten you.

Through the over 100-year history of Mitsui Chemicals, from our beginnings in coal chemicals operations, we have contributed a great many things to society. At the time of our establishment, we responded to the food problems by developing and manufacturing raw materials for fertilizers. We played a part in the preservation of the indigo culture through the development of indigo dyes. We have also widely contributed to the foundation and advancement of Japan's chemical industry by constructing petrochemical complex from the mid 20th century onward. As globalization advances, we continue to take on new challenges.

Technical innovation continues around the globe, rooted in the many increasingly complex challenges and needs of modern society, and will steadily make people’s visions become reality. The power of chemistry is essential for making dreams come true, and it has infinite potential. With confidence in this, we must continue to think about the things that Mitsui Chemicals can do to contribute to society.

Once again, we would like to think about the depths of the history that Mitsui Chemicals has been through, and also the many difficulties our predecessors overcame and the dreams that they envisioned. With these in mind, we will continue to take on new challenges and be the Mitsui Chemicals that contributes to society through our comprehensive strengths in chemistry.

R&D to Pave the Way for a Better Future

It goes without saying that the mission of our research and development is how to draw out the power of chemistry with its unlimited potential, and how to open up the future with this power.

Based on Mitsui Chemicals' core technologies of polymer science, material science, and process technology, and centered on human resources, which are the most important, we will execute research and development by rotating the cycle of function, organization, and technology.

We must not forget the starting point that only by quickly and accurately grasping market needs, future trends, and the many pain points that exist for our customers can we determine the direction in which we should aim to solve social issues.

Furthermore, in the major global trends of ESGs and SDGs, we will consider our role as a company and as a chemical manufacturer from a long-term perspective and focus on nurturing the seeds of technological innovation through many approaches such as industry-government-academia collaboration and open innovation with venture companies.

From the perspective of "Beyond 2030," while confronting various changes that are impossible to predict, we will reaffirm the importance of research from a long-term perspective by envisioning the future we want to create from the various possibilities that the human brain could imagine and make backcasting from there, and we will carry this out.

The future society Mitsui Chemicals' Vision 2030 sets out to achieve is "A circular society in harmony with the environment", "An inclusive society that creates diverse values", and "A comfortable society that lets people lead healthy, happy lives”.

We will continue to work to grow as a company that makes innovations with our technological capabilities and contributes to society in recognition of those innovations, by mobilizing all the energy of our research and development.