Mitsui Chemicals Improving Our Everyday Lives

We use many technologies developed by Mitsui Chemicals as part of our everyday lives. This feature takes a closer look at the research and development of such technologies.

Superlative image quality recognized world-wide resin for ultra-compact lenses

Smartphone cameras are much smaller than conventional cameras, but they produce high-quality images.Making this possible is the ultra-compact compound lens made of resin.

The secret of Easy-Peel's secure sealing and smooth unsealing

People buy jellies, puddings, yogurts in easy-to-peel containers.
But what exactly is the technology behind these easy-to-peel container covers?

Transforming the quality of life for babies with nonwovens

Babies use disposable diapers that in turn use nonwovens.
But what exactly are nonwovens?

Cars and the plastic revolution

Here are some of the high-performance plastics developed by Mitsui Chemicals that are used in your car today

Thinner Lenses Thanks to Mitsui Chemicals

Do you wear glasses? Even if you don’t, you may well need to wear glasses in the future. So, let us tell you a short story.