Basic policies
MCI group proceeds various activities under relevant corporate policies shown as below.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Target

Action Guidelines

Core Values

Sustainability in the Mitsui Chemicals Group

Our Approach to Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Policy on Bribery Prevention

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Tax Policy

Basic Approach to Circular economy

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Climate Change Policy

The Mitsui Chemicals Carbon Neutral Declaration by 2050

Responsible Care Policy

Basic Philosophy on water resources

Basic Approach to Biodiversity Conservation

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Global Quality Management Principles

Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Principles for Chemicals Management

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Human Rights Policy

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Purchasing Policy

Human Resources Management Policy of the Mitsui Chemicals Group

CEO Message for Women's Empowerment

The Mitsui Chemicals Group Social Activities Policy

Information Disclosure Policy

Privacy Policy

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