Key Raw Materials from New Feedstocks – A Novel Catalyst for Aromatics Production from Methane

August 14, 2008

Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research, (“A*STAR”), and Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., (“MCI”), today announced that they have successfully developed a zeolite-based catalyst that can produce benzene and hydrogen from methane. Methane is the principal component of natural gas and can also be made from biomass. The new catalyst exhibits a high selectivity of more than 90% and the conversion of methane is close to the value that is currently believed to be the theoretical conversion. Furthermore, it can also maintain its high performance for a long period of time.

Benzene is a major raw material for MCI’s basic chemical products, such as phenol and bisphenol-A, and is almost entirely manufactured from crude oil. Hydrogen is attracting considerable public attention as a promising clean fuel to address global environmental issues.

The new catalyst will enable the manufacture of useful chemicals from methane which is currently mainly used as a fuel. It will also enhance the company’s competitiveness to deal with high crude oil prices and unpredictable supply.

This achievement is the result of collaborative research between the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, (ICES), a research institute of A*STAR, and Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific Technical Centre in Singapore, MCI’s first overseas R&D base.
Together they will continue to improve the catalyst still further through the integration of ICES’ cutting-edge technologies in catalyst preparation and analysis and MCI’s strengths in zeolite catalyst technologies and process technologies. They will also develop systems for the regeneration and recycle of the catalyst and, in parallel, will push forward the development of processes using the catalyst toward commercial viability.

Catalyst Development for Aromatics Production from Methane

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