Catalyst Development for Propylene Glycol Production from Glycerin

August 14, 2008

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (“MCI”) today announced the development of a high-performance catalyst for manufacturing propylene glycol from glycerin, made possible by expanding catalysis technologies that the company has acquired through its R&D activities. This new catalyst exhibits high activity and high selectivity, which enables the production of propylene glycol with a high yield of 95% or more.

In 2007, global demand for propylene glycol, which is mainly applied to unsaturated polyester, antifreeze liquid and additives for liquid detergent, stood at 1,500,000 tons. Glycerin, which is a by-product generated during the process of manufacturing biodiesel fuel, has been gathering public attention these days as a renewable resource. Output of biodiesel fuel has been steadily expanding so far, and its production is also forecasted to strongly grow in the future. In line with production growth for biodiesel fuel, the volume of glycerin as a by-product is projected to increase going forward. Against this backdrop, technology for manufacturing propylene glycol from glycerin is being intensively studied worldwide toward its eventual realization.

This technology has now entered the catalyst life test and manufacturing process development phases. Looking ahead, MCI will further accelerate the development of the technology toward attaining its commercial viability.

Catalyst Devel Development for Propylene Glycol Production from Glycerin


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