Mitsui Chemicals and Tokuyama Corporation to Begin Joint Development of Silane Gas Manufacturing Process

September 11, 2008

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Tokuyama Corporation

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (“MCI”, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenji Fujiyoshi) and Tokuyama Corporation (“Tokuyama”, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shigeaki Nakahara) announced that they have agreed on the joint development of a manufacturing process for silane gas.

Silane gas is specialty gas used to form silicon film and silicon dioxide film in the manufacturing process of various electronic devices such as thin film solar cells, of which demand is expected to dramatically grow in the future, semiconductors and liquid crystal displays.
For many years, MCI, as a leading supplier of silane gas, has successfully applied its outstanding chemical engineering know-how, high quality assurance and specialized analytical technology and resultingly has provided the market with a world-class product. Additionally, MCI has considered wide ranging processes for manufacturing including an independently-developed process called the Alloying Method. Tokuyama, meanwhile, has a wide variety of silicon material products made from metallic silicon, such as high-grade polysilicon, which is used in semiconductor production. Tokuyama, a supplier of such products, has been making all-out efforts to create a manufacturing process for silane gas by fully utilizing its specialty, the manufacturing technology for silicon material products.

The two companies have decided to begin the joint development in order to hasten the development of a new manufacturing process for silane gas by combining their extensive knowledge and advanced technologies.
On completion of the joint development technology, the companies are planning to launch a joint silane gas business, aiming to satisfy the growing need for silane gas used in solar cells, a market of which is expected to dramatically expand in the future, semiconductors and liquid crystal displays.

MCI has launched its new four-year Mid-term Business Plan (the 08MTP), commencing in fiscal 2008, which is based on a three dimensional strategy focusing on Economy, Environment and Society and “The Challenge to Create Innovative Values” through new technologies. MCI’s Performance Materials Business Sector, which has dealt with silane gas, upholds the mission to establish high-profitability as a growth driver, especially in expanding sectors such as Automotive and Industrial materials, Information Technology materials and Energy materials. MCI will seek further growth in the energy market, as its strategic-priority business area, by boosting joint development efforts for silane gas to be used as material in solar cells.

Tokuyama, which celebrated the 90th anniversary of its establishment this year, has set a corporate vision of “Venture Spirit & Innovation” as it moves toward its centennial. The company has formulated its Three-year Medium-term Management Plan, starting in fiscal 2008, with a “Take Off” stage as its first step. Tokuyama sees “Strengthening of strategically growing businesses” as one of its basic strategies, and targets “Creation of new businesses,” which focuses on the environment, energy, and electronic materials and components markets. Joint development of the silane gas manufacturing process is a part of this target. Tokuyama will strive to grow especially in the solar cell materials market, which is expected to expand, by having the thin-film material in addition to the crystalline material in its product lineup.


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