Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. to Acquire ACOMON AG

April 7, 2011
Mitsui Chemicals,Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. ("MCI", Toshikazu Tanaka, President & CEO) announced that on March 31, 2011 it entered into a share purchase and transfer agreement to acquire all shares of ACOMON AG (ACOMON) in Switzerland, a manufacturer and distributor of monomers for optical lenses, with its shareholders: funds managed by Auctus Capital Partners AG of Germany, the ACOMON management team and other co-investors. Through the share purchase and transfer, which was concluded on April 6, 2011, ACOMON became a 100% owned affiliate company of MCI.

1. Objective of Acquisition

In line with the fundamental strategy of "global expansion of competitive business" in the fiscal 2011 Mid-term Business Plan, MCI positioned its optical lens monomer business as a key growth driving force and has continued a focused and proactive business expansion which includes M&A activities. Meanwhile, ACOMON is a manufacturer of optical lens monomer with global distribution. The acquisition of ACOMON is expected to have the following synergistic effects on MCI's monomers for optical lenses business.

  1. Improvement of MCI's product portfolio by addition of ACOMON's products
  2. Enhancement of the global optical lens monomer network through the utilization of ACOMON's global sales and distribution, manufacturing and technical support networks.

Through the 100% acquisition of ACOMON, MCI group strengthens and expands its optical lens materials business in wider segments from Low-Index to High-Index lenses.

2. Overview of ACOMON

(1) Company Name:ACOMON AG (CEO: Eckehard Martin Mielke)
(2) Paid-In-Capital:CHF1,000,000
(3) History:Founded in 2007.
* Originated in Akzo (from 1980) and EniChem's (from 1981) optical lens monomer business.
(4) Head Office:Zug, Switzerland
(5) Offices: Switzerland (Zug): Sales
Italy (Emilia-Romagna): Production, R&D
USA (Texas): Production
(6) Line of Business: Manufacture, sales and R&D of monomers for optical lenses


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