Mitsui Chemicals

Board of Directors, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (As of June 24, 2011)

May 11, 2011
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Chairman Kenji Fujiyoshi
President & CEO Toshikazu Tanaka
Corporate Communications Division, Representative in China, Representative in Europe, Representative in the Americas are directly under the CEO
Executive Vice President Koichi Sano
Assistant to the President
Responsibilities: Corporate Administration Division, Legal Division, Finance & Accounting Division, Information Management Division, Risk Compliance Committee
Senior Managing Directors Kiichi Suzuki
General Manager, R&D Strategy Division
Responsibilities: New Market Development (Automotive Materials) Division, New Materials Development Center, R&D Strategy Division, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte. Ltd., Research Center, Sodegaura Safety, Environment & Administration Division
Shigeru Iwabuchi
Responsibilities: Petrochemicals Business Sector, Basic Chemicals Business Sector, Polyurethane Business Sector, Functional Polymeric Materials Business Sector, Fabricated Products Business Sector, Functional Chemicals Business Sector, Branch Offices
Yasuji Omura
General Manager, Internal Control Division
Responsibilities: New Business Development Division, Responsible Care Division, Quality Assurance Division, SCM Division, Corporate Planning Division, Internal Control Division, Responsible Care Committee
Managing Director Gen Takemoto
Center Executive, Production & Technology Center
Responsibilities: Production & Technology Center, Works, Purchasing Division, Logistics Division
Board Directors Etsuo Takenouji
Responsibilities: Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Mitsui Chemicals Shanghai, Mitsui Chemicals America, Mitsui Chemicals Europe, Affiliates Coordination Division
Shinichi Otsuji
Responsibilities: Human Resources Division, CSR Promotion Division, CSR Committee
Taeko Nagai
Yoshio Suzuki
Corporate Auditors Hidenori Toki
Yoshinori Koga
Isao Ijuin
Hideharu Kadowaki
Hiromu Matsuda

Executive Advisors and Executive Officers, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (As of June 24, 2011)

Executive AdvisorsHiroshi Tokumaru
Representative in China
Junichi Nakagawa
Representative in Europe
Shigeru Isayama
Representative in the Americas
Managing Executive Officers Yasuhiko Ohtawa
President, Prime Polymer
Tsutomu Tannowa
Business Sector President, Basic Chemicals Business Sector
Executive Officers Terunori Fujita
President, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre
Minoru Koshibe
Business Sector President, Functional Chemicals Business Sector
Kaoru Takezawa
President, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific
Takao Uetake
General Manager, Omuta Works
Iwao Murayama
General Manager, Phenols Division, Basic Chemicals Business Sector
Kenji Ueki
General Manager, Affiliates Coordination Division
Yasushi Nawa
General Manager, New Business Development Division
Syunji Ikeda
General Manager, Ichihara Works
Sohei Morita
Business Sector President, Polyurethane Business Sector
Mikio Tasaki
General Manager, Osaka Works
Toshiyuki Ikusaka
Business Sector President, Functional Polymeric Materials Business Sector
Masaharu Kubo
General Manager, Corporate Administration Division
Yasuhiro Kamio
Business Sector President, Fabricated Products Business Sector
Akio Ayukawa
Business Sector President, Petrochemicals Business Sector
Shigeru Hara
General Manager, Iwakuni-Ohtake Works
Yasuo Kawakami
General Manager, Finance & Accounting Division
Shinji Ogawa
Center Executive, Research Center
Akihiro Ichimura
General Manager, Human Resources Division


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