New Diagnostics and Consulting Business
for Photovoltaic Power Generation

March 6, 2014
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. ( “ MCI ” ) with its Head Office in Tokyo, Japan (Toshikazu Tanaka, President & CEO) announced that PI Potovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG ( “ PI ” ) with its Head Office in Berlin, Germany (Managing Board: Paul Grunow, Sven Lehmann, and Stefan Krauter) has agreed to grant MCI exclusive rights and licensing for diagnostics technology related to photovoltaic power generation. The two companies are working out details of the agreement which will allow MCI to use this knowhow to develop a diagnostics and consulting business related to photovoltaic power generation. MCI is currently pursuing agreements for this new business with domestic banks, clean energy promoters, and research facilities.

Note : PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG (PI) :
Europe leads the world in photovoltaic power generation technology. PI is an accredited laboratory and leader in testing, certifying, and R&D for solar panels and provides its services to photovoltaic power plants around the world.

Diagnostics and Consulting Business for Photovoltaic Power Generation

  • Diagnostics of Solar Panels (quality and reliability evaluations for panel selection and pre-installation)
  • Diagnostics of Photovoltaic Power Plants (performance evaluations, detection of defective panels, and asset evaluation of power plants at resale)
  • Consulting (planning, consignment support, and issuance of third part evaluation reports)

Europe, the global leader in photovoltaic power generation, has been plagued with problems accompanying photovoltaic energy such as poor generation of power plant panels and inferior quality. Development of reliable systems to evaluate panel quality prior to installation and the early detection of faulty panels during operations has become a priority. In Japan, with introduction of feed-in-tariff programs, a surge in new entries to the photovoltaic power generation business is expected to bring about heightened needs for reliable diagnostics and consulting in this area.
The MCI Group currently supplies important photovoltaic materials, which include encapsulant sheets for solar panels, and is a provider of analysis and testing services for photovoltaic materials and panels. MCI is also developing one of Japan’s largest photovoltaic and wind power plants. In relation to this new business, the company is constructing a testing facility and demonstration power plant for diagnostics technology within its Ichihara Works Mobara Branch Factory site.
Mitsui Chemicals will continue to expand its presence in the natural energy market and aggressively pursue further growth for its photovoltaic power business based on its extensive top-class technologies and experience in reliable photovoltaic power generation.

Mitsui Chemicals Group's Strengths in Photovoltaic Power Generation


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