April 1, 2021

Member of the Board, Corporate Auditor (April 1, 2021)

Representative Director,
Chairman of the Board
Representative Director,
Member of the Board,
President & CEO
Representative Director,
Member of the Board,
Executive Vice President
Member of the Board,
Managing Executive Officer
Member of the Board SHIMOGORI Takayoshi
BADA Hajime
Corporate Auditor ISAYAMA Shigeru
KUBO Masaharu
SHINBO Katsuyoshi

Executive Officer

President & CEO HASHIMOTO Osamu -
Executive Vice President MATSUO Hideki Executive Advisor (CTO)
Responsibilities: R&D Center,
RC & Quality Assurance Division,
Production & Technology Center,
Fabricated Products Business Coordination Division,
Intellectual Property Division,
New Business Incubation Center
and Responsible Care Comittee
Senior Managing
Executive Officer
YOSHINO Tadashi Business Sector President, Basic Materials Business Sector
Responsibilities: Osaka Branch,
Fukuoka Branch and Nghi Son-Project Division
ANDOU Yoshinori Responsibilities: Human Resources Division,
Global Human Resources Division,
Affiliates Coordination Division and
Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific,
Mitsui Chemicals China, Mitsui Chemicals America,
Mitsui Chemicals Europe
Managing Executive Officer TSUNASHIMA Hiroshi Center Executive, Production & Technology Center
Responsibilities: Ichihara Works, Nagoya Works,
Osaka Works, Iwakuni-Ohtake Works and Omuta Works
SUSOWAKE Keishi Responsibilities: Purchasing Division, Logistics Division,
Corporate Administration & Legal Division,
Corporate Communications Division and
Risk Compliance Committee
HIRAHARA Akio Responsibilities: Corporate Planning Division,
Corporate Sustainability Division and
Corporate Sustainability Committee
Responsibility: Finance & Accounting Division
SHIBATA Shingo Center Executive, R&D Center
KOMORIYA Atsushii Business Sector President, Mobility Business Sector
Responsibilities: New Mobility Business Development Division and Nagoya Branch
TANAKA Hisayoshi Business Sector President, Health Care Business Sector
Responsibilities: New Health Care Business Development Division, Food & Packaging Business Sector
and H-Project Division
Executive Officer NISHIYAMA Yasunori Representative in the Americas
President, Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.
President, Whole You, Inc.
OZAWA Satoshi President, Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.
HOSOMI Yasuhiro General Manager, Ichihara Works
NISHIO Hiroshi General Manager, Internal Control Division
YANASE Koichi Business Sector President,
Food & Packaging Business Sector
YOSHIZUMI Fumio Business Sector Vice President,
Basic Materials Business Sector
KINOSHITA Masayuki General Manager, Human Resources Division
TAKAI Toshihiro General Manager, Omuta Works
FUJIMOTO Kensuke President, Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
MATSUZAKA Shigeharu President, Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.
SUEMATSU Kenji General Manager, Iwakuni-Ohtake Works
IZAWA Kazumasa Business Sector Vice President, Basic Materials Business Sector General Manager,
Planning & Coordination Division,
Basic Materials Business Sector
MATSUZAKI Hiroshi Representative in China
President, Mitsui Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.
HAYASHIDA Hiromi Business Sector Vice President, Health Care Business Sector
Responsibilities: H-Project Division
OKADA Kazunari General Manager, Osaka Works
FUNAKOSHI Hiromitsu General Manager, Corporate Planning Division
SAMBE Masao Responsibilities: Digital Transformation Division and Information System Division
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