Contributing to Sustainable Development

Chemical products and materials, which are used in automobiles, electronics, general commodities, medical and healthcare, foods, housing, energy, and countless other products, contribute to improving and enriching the quality of life around the world. It is not an overstatement to say that material development in the chemical industry is a key factor in many breakthrough innovations.

The chemical industry has the potential to be a solution provider to some of the world’s most pressing social issues and must rise up to meet such challenges. Reducing greenhouse emission, which is one of the major causes of global climatic change, help in the development of new renewal energies, bolster agricultural produce to meet the needs of explosive population increases, and respond to requirements of aging society around the world, are just some of the issues that chemical industry can help to resolve.

Our Future Vision

In 2017, Mitsui Chemicals Inc. celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment in 1997.

Prior to this 20th anniversary milestone, we have taken steps to discuss what we must continue and what we must change as a group to ensure our sustainable growth.

Recognizing the importance of a cohesive society in harmony with the environment, health and happiness in an aging society, and industrial platforms in harmony with local communities, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has reconfirmed its commitment to help resolve these issues, in which economic, social, and environmental concerns are connected, through its business activities.

In addition to identifying and selectively expanding the targeted business domains of Mobility, which is mainly centered on automotive materials, Health Care, which encompasses a variety of products including ophthalmic lens materials, dental materials, and nonwovens, Food & Packaging, which includes agrochemicals, packaging, and related materials, and Next Generation Businesses, which covers the development of solutions in an energy, agri-system, medical, IoT, and related fields, we are working diligently to provide materials that form the basis of society and industry in the Basic Materials domain, which focuses on petrochemicals and basic chemicals.

Based on the aforementioned, the Mitsui Chemicals Group is targeting sales of 2,000 billion yen and operating income of 200 billion yen under its 2025 Long-Term Business Plan.

President & CEO


Tsutomu Tannowa, President and CEO of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. took over the reigns of the Group on April 1st 2014.

Tannowa joined Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Co., Ltd. in 1976. After having participated in construction of a chemical complex in Algeria, he went on to marketing and sales of basic chemicals. Tannowa was then asked to overhaul the company’s human resources where he set his sights on modifying the company’s codes and regulations. These efforts became a key part of the company’s “New” Mitsui Chemicals transformation.

Appointed as managing executive officer in 2010, Mr. Tannowa was responsible for overseeing all major business operations from 2012. In 2013, as senior managing executive officer, he became one of the moving forces in restructuring the Company’s business operations and expanding targeted business domains to help transform the business portfolio.

Tannowa is from Fukuoka prefecture and plays tennis and Japanese “go” on his days off.


NameTsutomu Tannowa
Date of BirthOctober 26, 1951
Birth PlaceFukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Professional Career

Apr. 1976Joined Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals
Logistics Section, Osaka Works
Jun. 2005General Manager, Industrial Chemicals Div.-1
Basic Chemicals Group, Head Office
Jun. 2006Senior Director, General Manager, Industrial Chemicals Div.-1
Basic Chemicals Group, Head Office
Apr. 2007Executive Officer, General Manager
Human Resource & Employ Relations Div., Head Office
Apr. 2010Managing Executive Officer
Basic Chemicals Business Sector President
Apr. 2012Managing Executive Officer - Business Sectors
Jun. 2012Member of the Board
Managing Executive Officer - Business Sectors
Apr. 2013Member of the Board
Senior Managing Executive Officer - Business Sectors
Apr. 2014 President and Chief Executive Officer (Incumbent)
Jul. 2016 - Jul. 2018Chairman of the JPCA-Japan Petrochemical Industry Association-
May. 2018Japan Chemical Industry Association (Incumbent)
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