Special event for glasses-wearing railroad fans Mitsui Chemicals Ophthalmic Lens Train to Depart on Full Trip along the Matsuura Railway Line


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) and Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture-based Matsuura Railway Co., Ltd. (President: Haruki Imazato) today announced that they intend to hold an exclusive event for glasses-wearing railroad fans on April 21.


To commemorate 30 years in sales of its MR™, Mitsui Chemicals has purchased the naming rights to a train on the Matsuura Railway – which also abbreviates to “MR” and has similarly welcomed in its 30th anniversary. The “Ophthalmic Lens Train”, as it has been named, has been operating since October 2018 and is scheduled to run for a one-year period.


An event on April 21 will see the Ophthalmic Lens Train run on a special schedule, departing from Sasebo Station and continuing through to Arita Station – the last stop on the line.


As the train travels along the Matsuura coast, those on board will be able to enjoy the view from the window while trying out Mitsui Chemicals’ NeoContrast™ lenses, which selectively block bright lights to cut down on glare.


The Ophthalmic Lens Train stopped at Sasebo Station


Emblem of The Ophthalmic Lens Train

Mitsui Chemicals offers a wide range of materials for plastic ophthalmic lenses, with a lineup here spanning low to high refractive indexes. Utilizing the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s technologies for light wavelength control, light adjustment and polarization, Mitsui Chemicals intends to respond to societal needs for the likes of health and comfort while contributing to an improved “Quality of View”.