A Japan First -- 20 Million Tons in Ethylene Production

~Mitsui Chemicals Achieves 20 Million Tons Aggregate Ethylene Production at Ichihara Works and 15 Million Tons at Wholly-owned Osaka Petrochemical Industries, Ltd.~



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc

Tokyo - April 28, 2015 - Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa ) announced that Chiba Chemicals Manufacturing LLP, a 50:50 joint venture with Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., achieved Japan’s first aggregate ethylene production of 20 million tons at its 2UPC Plant located within Mitsui Chemicals’ Ichihara Works (Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture). Mitsui Chemicals also boasts an aggregate 15 million tons in ethylene production at its wholly owned Osaka Petrochemical Industries, Ltd. Senboku Factory (Takaishi City, Osaka).

Ethylene is obtained through pyrolysis of naphtha, a product of crude oil. With wide applications in everyday life, ethylene is not only used in polyethylene resin of packaging and coating materials and automotive gasoline tanks, but also in polyester fibers, plastic bottles, and household detergents. The propylene obtained in the course of pyrolysis finds uses such as polypropylene resin for automobile bumpers, and packaging and coating materials, in addition to raw material for paints and adhesives.

Ethylene production facility at Ichihara Works

The ethylene 2UPC Plant at Ichihara Works started commercial operations in April 1978 with an annual rate of 400,000 tons which was later expanded to the current 553,000 tons per year. On April 13th, the Plant achieved an aggregate production of 20 million tons, a Japan first.

In addition, the Company’s Osaka Petrochemicals Industries, Ltd. ethylene production facilities, which started commercial operation in February 1970 at an annual rate of 300,000 tons, now boasts 455,000 tons per year. Last July, the Plant achieved an aggregate production of 15 million tons.

Mitsui Chemicals dedicates itself to safe and stable operations to fulfill its responsibilities to its customers and society. The Company will continue efforts to assure quality and efficient operations at its ethylene centers in both East and West Japan.