World’s Highest Magnification Stamp Loupe Will Help Persons with Low Vision and Age-related Vision Problems

~Co-development of high-performance stamp loupe~



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo:4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa), Nippon Lighthouse (Chief Director: Teruo Hashimoto), and Hopnic Laboratory (President: Syunji Takagi) announced the successful development of a stamp loupe with the world’s highest magnification power using Mitsui Chemicals’ MR™ high refractive index lens material to aid persons with low vision or age-related vision problems.

A stamp loupe is used to see small details by placing the lens directly on the surface of an object to be magnified, such as a newspaper or other printed matter. Stamp loupes are convenient as they do not need to be held over an object to magnify it and the condensing effect of the lens makes the magnified object appear brighter and clearer. In addition, as the enlarged print is seen in approximately the same location as it appears on the paper, eye fatigue is held to a minimum.

(the stamp loupe, easy to see in bigger size)

Traditional stamp loupes use low refractive index lenses and its unique shape limits its maximum magnification to x1.8. By combining Mitsui Chemicals’ MR™ high refractive index lens material with Hopnic Laboratory’s state-of-the-art lens manufacturing technology, the companies were able to create a stamp loupe with a maximum magnification of x2, the world’s highest magnification power.

The product will help improve the quality of life for persons with low vision and age-related vision problems. The stamp loupe will be offered in two diameters of 60 mm and 80 mm under the trade name “Mitemi” from March 2016 through Nippon Lighthouse Welfare Center for the Blind and other outlets in Japan.

Mitsui Chemicals hopes that the product will help persons with low vision and age-related vision problems enjoy reading. We will continue to support efforts to improve the quality of life and are committed to delivering products and services aimed at ensuring good health and happiness in an aging society. We will continue to research and develop high performance, high- value added vision care materials and provide products to help resolve the many challenges facing people around the world.

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