Water Lighting “cuddle“ with NOSTRA™ and we+ inc.

Material Meets Creative Team Project
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Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) has announced the Material Meets Creative Team Project, which is a project featuring collaborations with creators to clearly communicate the appeal of materials from unprecedented perspectives.
It is water lighting “cuddle” created through a collaboration between NOSTRA™ highly hydrophilic coating material and we+ inc.


Designed as lighting that produces beautiful shadows when light is shone on the hydrophilic part coated
with NOSTRA™, which attracts water

NOSTRA™ is an ultraviolet (UV) curable coating material with a high level of hydrophilicity and hard coating characteristics developed with Mitsui Chemicals’ original molecule design technology. Coating made with NOSTRA™ adds superior anti-fouling, anti-fog, abrasion-resistant, anti-static and quick dry properties, as well as other functions. It requires a shorter UV irradiation time for curing purposes than conventional coating materials, taking only a few seconds. It helps reduce volatile substances in the coating line and energy consumption, and achieves a high level of productivity.

The work reflects the reinterpretation of hydrophilicity, a property that induces water to spread thinly to form a water film, as a function for attracting and retaining water. It holds and controls beautiful droplets in a tense state. With these controlled droplets arranged geometrically, it stands as lighting featuring droplets that capture the light while quivering gently like morning dew.

For the idea and concept behind this product, please visit the dedicated website at http://www.sendenkaigi.com/mccr/


An ultraviolet curable coating material characterized by its very high level of hydrophilicity achieved with Mitsui Chemicals’ original network polymer design technology and dispersion control technology. It provides superior anti-fouling, anti-fog, abrasion-resistant, anti-static and quick dry properties, as well as other functions. While it has a major feature of instant curability, requiring only a few seconds, it also attracts attention for resources conservation (with a small volatile content and low energy consumption) and a high level of productivity. There is growing demand for it from a wide range of applications.

we+ inc.

A contemporary design studio that was established in 2013. It engages in direction and design in many different domains and pursues experimental approaches with the use of different technologies and special materials. Its works are presented not only in exhibitions in Japan and overseas, but also at Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris, Rossana Orlandi in Milan and other design galleries.