TouchFocus™ Next Generation Eyewear to Debut at iOFT Tradeshow

One touch e-focus glasses for close and distance vision; powered by liquid crystal lenses



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (TOKYO: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) will exhibit next generation one touch e-focus glasses for close and distance vision at the iOFT 2017 International Optical Fair Tokyo held on October 11th - 13th.

Recent years have been marked by rising interest and development in wearable technology, including in the field of eyewear. With the goal of “Enabling Better Vision”, Mitsui Chemicals has developed next generation eyewear which harnesses the power of electricity to provide more comfortable vision.

Utilizing Mitsui Chemicals’ expertise in high refractive index lens materials (MR™ series) in combination with liquid crystal lens technology, Mitsui Chemicals has created TouchFocus™ one touch e-focus glasses for close and distance vision.


At first glance, TouchFocus™ appears to be simply a pair of stylish glasses, but hidden inside the frame is an electric circuit. With a touch to a sensor installed in the temple, the liquid crystal lenses are activated which allow the eyewear to change vision from distance to close instantaneously. TouchFocus™ will be provided in a wide variety of frame shapes and patterns created specifically to match the tastes of those 40 years old and over. The product is powered by a long-lasting, easily chargeable battery.

Visitors to the Mitsui Chemicals booth at iOFT will be able to experience TouchFocus™ and instant change of vision with just a touch.

iOFT 2017 30th International Optical Fair Tokyo

Mitsui Chemicals Booth number 5-31

TouchFocus™ is planned to be released next spring at select eyewear retailers in Japan (retail price to be determined).

As one of three target business domains, Mitsui Chemicals has committed to develop new technology in Healthcare, particularly in the field of vision. Through ground breaking contributions to the vision industry such as MR™ high refractive index lens material and UV+420cut™ wave length control lens technology, Mitsui Chemicals has contributed to the vision industry for many years. Going forward, Mitsui Chemicals will continue to develop new technologies and materials that support the diverse health and comfort needs of society. While pushing the limits of what is possible with lens materials、Mitsui Chemicals will continue to further develop high functional and value-added eyewear to provide useful products and services to society.