Advanced Composites Receives 2017 Supplier of the Year Award from General Motors



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) today announced that its Ohio-based U.S. subsidiary, Advanced Composites, Inc. (ACP; President: Keiji Shite), was recognized by U.S. automaker General Motors Co. (GM) on April 20 as a 2017 Supplier of the Year. This marks the fifth time and the third in a row, that ACP has received this award.

GM’s Supplier of the Year award has been given to 132 companies across 17 countries. It serves to recognize suppliers that have exceeded the automaker’s expectations, generated outstanding value and brought about new innovations. “This is an opportunity for General Motors to honor those suppliers who are truly the best of the best,” said GM Senior Vice President Steve Kiefer. “The automotive industry is transforming at an incredible rate. The relationships we have with our supply base means everything when it comes to delivering a strong vehicle lineup today and the cutting-edge vehicles and mobility services of tomorrow.”

Mitsui Chemicals Group has been engaged in a global rollout of its automotive-use polypropylene (PP) business. Producing materials for use in vehicle bumpers and interiors, the company’s business here includes manufacturing and sales bases in eight locations around the world: Japan, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Europe, India, Thailand and China. Plans moving forward are to make further additions as the company pursues world-leading competitive power.

We will continue to improve its systems for the manufacturing, sale and technological support of high-quality products, and will actively work to expand and strengthen its global operations for automotive-use PP Compound.

The awards ceremony took place in the U.S. state of Florida
(From left) Christopher Naegeli, GM; Keiji Shite, president at ACP; Denny Ferrell, ACP; and Kristin Siemen, GM