Mitsui Chemicals Receives ASJ Technology Award for STABiO™

Awarded for development and commercialization of environmentally friendly polyisocyanate



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) on June 14 received the Adhesion Society of Japan (ASJ; President: Akio Takemura) Technology Award at the society’s 56th Symposium. The award was given for Mitsui Chemicals’ development and commercialization of isocyanate 1,5-Pentamethylene diisocyanate (PDI™) – the world’s first plant-derived isocyanate – and the STABiO™ polyisocyanate curing agent.

Name of award: 40th Adhesion Society of Japan Technology Award
Awarded research : Development and commercialization of polyisocyanate curing agent made using new bio-based polyisocyanate STABiO™ PDI™
Prizewinners : Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Satoshi Yamasaki
- Specialty Polyurethane Materials Development Director, Coatings & Engineering Materials Division, Food & Packaging Business Sector
- Visiting professor at Kyushu University
Hirokazu Morita
- Synthetic Chemicals Laboratory, R&D Center
Toshihiko Nakagawa
- Synthetic Chemicals Laboratory, R&D Center
Atsunori Shindo
- Senior analyst, R&D Planning & Coordination Division, R&D Center
Mitsui Chemicals MC, Ltd.
Hiroshi Takeuchi
- Production Technology Director, Technology Division
From left: Takeuchi, Nakagawa, Takemura ASJ President,
Morita, Shindo, Yamasaki
Product name STABiO™
Product description 1,5-Pentamethylene diisocyanate (PDI™) and polyisocyanate curing agent
Characteristics 1. High reactivity compared to 1,6-Hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)
2. Improves chemical resistance, gloss and abrasion resistance for paints and adhesives
3. Non-yellowing
4. 70% biomass (PDI™)
Main applications Automotive and plastic coatings, adhesives, etc.

With STABiO™, Mitsui Chemicals has developed the world’s first plant-derived isocyanate PDI™ and polyisocyanate curing agent using this. STABiO™ is used in paints and adhesive products, granting chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and gloss to a level not found with conventional polyurethane materials.

The high reactivity of STABiO™ allows for curing at lower temperatures and shorter times, leading to increased energy efficiency. Being plant-derived also makes the material environmentally friendly. Development is now advancing for new applications to create materials with unique textures, including a product with lightweight but strong transparent and a gel with unique softness.

Going forward, Mitsui Chemicals aims to use STABiO™ for further contributions to society by accelerating the development of new uses with a focus on its Mobility, Health Care and Food & Packaging business sectors.