Suspension of Polypropylene Production Facility Operations



Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.

Prime Polymer Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Mainato-ku, Tokyo; President; Kensuke Fujimoto) announced details of its decision to suspend operations of one polypropylene production line at its Anesaki Works (Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture) in March 2023.
This decision is as part of the announcement in May 2021, to construct a new polypropylene manufacturing facility planning for a scrap-and-build-style restructuring of its production system.

Looking ahead, Prime Polymer will work diligently to address the needs of its customers by streamlining its operations in a bid to bolster its business platform and adding further value to its products.

1. Overview of the suspensions

  1. Suspension of operations: Polypropylene production line 1 at the Anesaki Works
  2. Production capacity: 110K tons/year
  3. Commenced operations: 1977
  4. Suspension schedule: March 2023

2. Polypropylene production capacity in Prime Polymer

Current capacity: 1,170K tons/year
After suspension: 1,060K tons/year

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