Surface Modifier for Polyolefin-based Fabricated Products


Usage detail

Exfola is an additive that changes the surface of a molded product to silicone-specific characteristics (mold releasability, water and oil repellency, and abrasion resistance) by adding a small amount when molding polyolefin materials.



  • Exfola imparts releasability, water and oil repellency, and slidability to polyolefin surfaces
  • Overview


ExfolaTM is an additive for polyolefin, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and combines the characteristics both of polyolefin and silicone. It enhances the surface of polyolefin-fabricated articles various physical/chemical properties, such as, releasing property, water-repellency, oil-repellency, anti-pollution property, sliding property, abrasion resistance, and surface smoothness.
ExfolaTM is widely used as a surface modifier of polyolefin-based articles, such as, films, sheets, containers, and packages. Two types, polyethylene-based compound and polypropylene-based compound, are available.

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