UV (ultra-violet) curable coating material


This ultraviolet light- (UV-) hardened coating, which was developed using proprietary Mitsui Chemicals technology, resists fogging up and getting dirty.

Usage detail

Acrylic UV coating material / Highly hydrophilic coating material



  • Low environmental impact
  • Fast-drying properties
  • Hydrophilic properties
  • Dirt resistance
  • Anti-fogging properties
  • Easy washability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static properties
  • Hard-coating properties
  • Resource-saving properties
  • Basic Information
  • Details of Characteristics
  • Details of Applications

NOSTRA™ is an ultraviolet light- (UV-) hardened coating developed using proprietary Mitsui Chemicals technology that resists fogging up and getting dirty.
The material has been given excellent dirt resistance, anti-fogging properties, easy washability, abrasion resistance, anti-static properties, and fast-drying properties.
Instantaneous drying (in several seconds) is a major feature, and the product is also attracting attention due to its resource-saving properties (low volatilization and low energy use) and amenability to production at volume as demand for such products rises in a broad range of fields.

1. Easily washable; sheds dirt easily

NOSTRA™ makes it easy to remove dirt with water.

Contamination with oil marker | 10 sec. after spraying with water | After wiping dry

The material can be used to prevent accumulation of water scale

3 years after application to bathroom mirror

2. Resists fogging up

The material resists fogging up, making even glass surfaces in high-humidity environments resistant to condensation.

With NOSTRA™ coat | Without NOSTRA™ coat
Bathroom mirror (anti-fogging)

3. Dries quickly

Thanks to the material's super-hydrophilic properties and a water contact angle of 10° or less, water drains quickly away without forming into droplets so that the coating dries quickly.

After pouring tap water over entire sheet and then shaking lightly

4. Resists scratching

The material resists scratching even when rubbed with steel wool, indicating its excellent abrasion resistance.

Steel wool #0000 x 1 kg load x 10 round-trip passes

Representative grade

DBH (PGM): Standard
AFS (newly developed product): Designed for maximum anti-fogging properties
SA: Fast-drying
RA-FS2: Improved application stability; low-curl

Steel wool #0000 x 1 kg load x 10 round-trip passes

Evaluation of liquid

Grade Appearance Nonvolatile portion
Type B viscosity: 25°C
DBH (PGM) Transparency 80 830 PGM
SA Transparency 80 90 Methanol
RA-FS series*1 Transparency 60 1200 PGM and other
AFS*1 Slightly turbid 80 160 PGM
*1: Newly developed product
*Figures are representative values, not guaranteed.

Evaluation of coating film

Grade Appearance Water contact angle
θ (°)
Abrasion susceptibility*2
1 kg load 3 kg load
DBH (PGM) Transparency < 10 < 1
SA Transparency < 10 < 1
RA-FS series*1 Transparency < 10 < 1
AFS*1 Transparency < 10 < 1
*1: Newly developed product
*2: Steel wool #0000 x 10 round-trip passes
○: No scratching
△: 5 or fewer scratches
✕: 6 or more scratches
*Figures are representative values, not guaranteed.

Architectural films

The material yields easy washability and anti-fogging properties when applied to a surface such as a bathroom mirror.

  • - Bathroom mirrors
  • - Product display cases
  • - Store windows

Automotive films

The material delivers anti-fogging properties and dirt resistance in high-humidity environments.

  • - Car navigation system touch panels

Automotive parts

The material delivers anti-fogging properties and dirt resistance in high-humidity environments.

  • - Windshield
  • - Windows
  • - Mirrors
  • - Headlights
  • - Tail lights
  • - Instrument panels
  • - Consoles

Aircraft parts

  • - Cockpit glass

Plastic base materials

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