TAFNEX™ CF/PP - UD Winding Tube

Carbon fiber composite material UD Winding Tube

TAFNEX™ CF/PP can be processed into a tube shape by filament winding.


TAFNEX™ CF/PP is an unidirectional tape (UD tape) composed of carbon fiber and polypropylene (PP) achieved by unique technology of Mitsui Chemicals.
Since it is a thermoplastic composite, it offers excellent processability; short time processing, secondary processing, and so forth.
In the automotive and bicycle field, TAFNEX™ CF/PP can contribute to reduce part weight, improve impact resistance and control vibration.


1. Vibration absorption

UD winding tube offers excellent vibration control properties compared to thermoset composite.

Impulse Response

2. Good fracture toughness

The material has lower sudden breaking down risk.

Resistant to crushing

CAE analysis results

CAE analysis results

3. Able to accommodate secondary processing

UD winding tube can be bent under heat due to the properties of thermoplastics.

Able to accommodate secondary processing

4. Able to control mechanical properties

It is possible to control the mechanical properties and bending strength which relates to durability depending on winding angles.

UD tape winding -> Molded pipe
 | Molded pipe

5. Process controllability

Laser winding system realizes high-speed and stable processing with a low environmental load.

Example: Injection molded seat insert

Automotive parts

Weight can be reduced while retaining strength.

  • - Cross-car beams
  • - Side steps
  • - Roof rails

Bicycle parts

Since the material is safe, resists crushing, and offers excellent vibration-control characteristics, it can be used to improve bicycle comfort.

  • - Seat posts
  • - Frames
  • - Handlebars

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