Basic Approach

The Mitsui Chemicals Group appropriately handles information related to customers and to our own company that we use in our corporate activities. As well as complying with laws and internal regulations, we promote an understanding of the importance and responsibility of information management with employees, and conduct management.

Initiatives in Information System Security

In order to offer better products and services, the Mitsui Chemicals Group believes that it is indispensable to utilize customer information and other information that we possess through IT. Therefore, we recognize the importance of establishing information system security and undertake the following measures:

  • Establishing the system to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and unauthorized removal of information from the company
  • Training and enlightenment regarding security risks for subsidiaries and affiliates and inspections of their security levels
  • Obligating of all employees who use information systems to get training on information system security once a year

We plan to further enhance the information security system in the future by addressing increasing risks caused by cyber attacks as an important management issue.

Personal Information Protection

The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognized that it is an important social responsibility to handle and protect personal information appropriately. We stipulate the Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection and Management Regulations, and at the same time we provide corporate training programs to employees and undertake regular audits. In addition, we have developed a global personal information protection framework that complies with General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) and appropriately manage the personal information we hold.

Privacy Policy

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