Policy and Basic Approach

In its business activities, the Mitsui Chemicals Group complies with laws and regulations on company and customer information and shares with its employees the importance of and responsibilities involved in information management so that information-related operations are carried out properly. In particular, organizational reinforcement of information systems security is recognized as an important issue in protecting the information assets of the Group against all threats, to avoid any loss of trust or disruption to our business operations that would result from information leaks or data falsification.

System and Responsible Officers

We are controlling information risks through our risk and compliance management system. The Information System Division is responsible for information system security, while the Corporate Administration & Legal Division oversees compliance with information management laws, including unauthorized information leaks, protection of personal information, etc. The two divisions coordinate their actions, combining their expertise to give comprehensive control. The responsible officer in charge of each business division is responsible for identifying and managing risks.

Initiatives in Information System Security

The Group is constantly implementing measures to ensure information system security.
We will reinforce our efforts to address the important issue of managing the growing risk from cyberattacks.

Initiatives based on technology and systems

Prevention of unauthorized access to confidential information in our business systems through controlled access, building the system to restrict the data take out, development of rules on information security at domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates of the Group and regular security level inspections based on the rules.

Initiatives based on training

Training and education on security risks among Group employees and monitoring of their security levels (with mandatory e-learning on information security for all employees conducted once a year) and targeted email attacks training.

Personal Information Protection

The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognized that it is an important social responsibility to handle and protect personal information appropriately. We stipulate the Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection and Management Regulations, and at the same time we provide corporate training programs to employees and undertake regular audits. In addition, we have developed a global personal information protection framework that complies with the laws and regulations of each country such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and appropriately manage the personal information we hold.

Privacy Policy

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