Led by our R&D Center, we pursue innovation in materials to address various social challenges in the areas of the global environment, resources, energy, and food. In doing so, we can contribute to the realization of a cohesive society in harmony with the environment and health and well-being in an aging society, which eventually leads to the sustainable development of our society.


The base of our R&D strategy consists of five key elements: Functions, Organizations, Technologies, the Human Resources who connect them, and our individual R&D Projects.

At the same time as enhancing and expanding these elements, we are also attempting to achieve “Materials & Substances Innovation” that leads to the resolution of social issues; through the combination of our Communication Strategy, which seeks to anticipate social changes and link them to R&D activities, and our Design Strategy, which seeks to deliver the products and services that customers want as soon as possible, through the fusion of information technology with the promotion of open innovation, which accelerates the pace of technology development itself.


Technical service, product variations development,
new product development,
process technology development,
new business development,
cornerstone technology & innovative technology development

The R&D Center conducts activities in pursuit of the following four objectives: creation of business opportunities, creation of new functions, profit generation, and sustainability.


4 laboratories
2 centers: Mobility Development Center (MDC) and Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Center (MS-R&D)
1 Planning & Coordination Division, etc.

These sites emphasize the development of technologies and human resources.

Promotion System


technology platforms

In order to strengthen our proprietary technologies and materials, we continually refine current core technologies and make efforts to acquire and incubate new technologies by reviewing our technology platforms.


Human Resources

We have researchers with varied backgrounds in fields such as polymers, organic synthesis, and biotechnology.

Functions・Organizations・Technologies・Human Resources
R&D projects

Materials & substances innovation

Resolution of social issues

Cohesive society in harmony with the environment
Health and happiness in an aging society

Communication Strategy

Identifying customer wants and needs

How will society change in the future, and what kind of products and services will the world need at that time?

To make such judgements at an early stage, we believe that it is important for Mitsui Chemicals to communicate closely and proactively with society.

Our Communication Strategy consists of three prongs: “enhancing our intelligence capabilities” in order to catch and identify signs of new changes in the market as soon as possible; “enhancing our ability to communicate information” in order to become the one company that a wide range of customers will contact before anyone else; and “acquiring new common languages” to share issues for the future beyond the boundaries of individual business types, and link that on to the swift delivery of solutions.

Open Innovation Strategy

Swiftly converting leads on customer needs into technological solutions

To swiftly convert leads on customer needs into technological solutions, it is important to avoid clinging to the idea of independent, in-house technology development, and to work under a flexible cooperative framework with external partners as needed.

We are therefore seeking to improve efficiency in various phases of the R&D process, from identifying needs to developing actual technologies.
At the same time, we are also working to develop human resources with the creativity and practical execution skills needed in this new era, through human resources exchanges and interactions.

Design Strategy

Creating materials and systems that will captivate the senses of customers

Newly created technologies cannot simply be delivered to the world as products as they are.

Our Design Strategy consists of identifying the best ways to appeal to customers and communicate the technical advantages of our products, finding inventive ways of presenting technologies in order to identify customers at the earliest possible stage, and then working together to finish those technologies into products that customers actually want.

We are engaged in a number initiatives aimed at swiftly incorporating new technologies into products.