Realizing sustainable corporate and social development through contributions to our stakeholders

The Mitsui Chemicals Group recognizes that careful and conscious actions of each officer employee add up, allowing us earn the trust of our stakeholders. Therefore, we have established the “Mitsui Chemicals Group Action Guidelines” that set forth our basic views and ideal actions so that we always act in respect of the law and in accordance with corporate ethics.

We have established three pillars as the bases for our Action Guidelines, with the goals of simplicity and clarity.
The activities of the Mitsui Chemicals Group personnel must fit the spirit of “Always in Good Faith”, which essential to the existence of our company. “For People and Society” summarizes our commitment to respect our stakeholders. The motto “Dream-Inspiring Innovation” symbolizes the infinite power of chemistry to create things never seen before, and was chosen because of the expressed will of the Mitsui Chemicals Group employees to create a company which nurtures individuals’ dreams and which all its members can be proud of. “Innovation” means more than production: all workplaces of the company, production, sales and R&D, unite in creating new products to place under the Mitsui Chemicals logo.

Mitsui Chemicals Group Action Guidelines

Every officer and employee of the Mitsui Chemicals Group will act in accordance with the following action guidelines to enhance the sustainable development of society and company by making contributions to each of our stakeholders.

We will always act in good faith

Compliance with the laws and regulations
We will give priority to compliance with laws and regulations over any pursuit of profit.
We will live up to our conscience with honest words and actions.
Non-tolerance of discrimination
We will not tolerate discrimination against gender, race, nationality, age, religion and disabilities.
Justice and fairness
We will strictly observe the fair competition and trade.
We will promptly report and provide precise information without distinguishing between the favorable or unfavorable information.

We will have a high regard for people and society.

Safety first
We will act with a mind-set focused on safety-first policy above all.
Contribution to the global environment
We will conduct R & D, manufacturing and sale of products that will contribute to the protection of the global environment.
Customer satisfaction
We will promptly provide high-quality products and services by accurately grasping customer needs.
Contribution to communities
We will contribute to the development of local communities as members of those communities.
Health enhancement
We will be mindful of enhancing our health and making our workplaces vibrant.
Respect for diversity
We will have mutual respect for the diversity of personalities, individualities and views.

We will aim for the “Dream-Inspiring Innovation”.

Challenging spirit
We will unflinchingly challenge with full trust in our potential without fear of failure.
We will create novel values by enhancing our sensitivity.
Workplace-oriented approach
We will always consider and act proactively based on the actual data and facts at workplace.
We will aim to be world-class professionals with a global view.
Technology dissemination
We will cultivate the next generation by passing on our experiences and technologies.
We will integrate individual strength into the organization through active communication.
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