Message from the President & CEO

July 2021

Under uncertain conditions, we will tackle social challenges head on and move forward on improving our corporate value.

First of all, let me extend my heartfelt gratitude to our shareholders for your ongoing support.

Difficult circumstances continued during fiscal 2020 due to the global spread of COVID-19, but signs of a recovery emerged in the latter half of the fiscal year. At Mitsui Chemicals, Mobility was affected the most among the three target domains. Income was down for the full year but has been recovering since bottoming out in the first quarter. On the other hand, income was up in Health Care and Food & Packaging owing to healthy sales of nonwovens for masks and steady sales in the industrial films field. Income was also up in the Basic Materials business owing to factors such as favorable market conditions overseas.

As a result, full-year operating income before special items came to ¥85.1 billion (up ¥12.8 billion from the previous year). Additionally, we expect to achieve record high income in fiscal 2021.

In light of the above, we set the year-end dividend at ¥50 per share, the same amount as the previous year, bringing the full-year dividend to ¥100, which is also the same as the previous year. This was done in consideration of the stability and continuity of dividend payment. We will continue to work on enhancing shareholder returns.

We have been promoting reform of our business portfolio through efforts to achieve our Long-Term Business Plan established in fiscal 2016. However, in response to the significant changes in the social environment and technical innovation currently taking place, we made the decision to revise it and formulate a new Long-Term Business Plan for fiscal 2030 to achieve further growth. We will look into strategies and measures to solve new management challenges, including the promotion of business portfolio reform based on a shift to a business model that can further contribute to solutions to social challenges, the development of a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and the strengthening of our business foundation through digital transformation. Guided by this new Long-Term Business Plan, we aim to achieve sustainable development of society and the Mitsui Chemicals Group.

I once again thank our shareholders and hope that we can continue to count on your support going forward.

President & CEO
July 2021



Hashimoto joined Mitsui Petrochemical Industries, Ltd. (currently Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.) in 1987, and subsequently held positions spanning human resources, health care and other businesses, and business planning fields.

In 2014, he was appointed General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, where he spearheaded the formulation of Mitsui Chemicals’ long-term business plan for 2025.
Then in 2017, Hashimoto assumed the role of Managing Executive Officer. While also serving as Business Sector President of the Health Care Business Sector and General Manager of the New Health Care Business Development Division, he drove the expansion of the Health Care business, one of Mitsui Chemicals’ three target domains.
Hashimoto has been serving as President and CEO of Mitsui Chemicals since April 1, 2020.