Mitsui Chemicals Participates in Subsidiary of Taiwan's Sentronic International Corp.

~Bolstering business development of metal resin integrally molded POLYMETAC™~



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo:4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) announced it is financially participating in MSCT Corporation, a subsidiary of the electronic component trading company Sentronic International Corporation(Taipei, Taiwan; Chairman: Tonko Tsai; “Sentronic”), to promote business development of the Group’s metal resin integral molding technology, POLYMETAC™.

POLYMETAC™ is a cutting edge Mitsui Chemicals’ technology which allows bonding of metal and resins by a special surface processing proprietary process. In addition to its superior bonding strength, POLYMETAC™ technology allows significant weight reduction and reduction in component number thereby contributing to easier and simpler manufacturing processes. Mitsui Chemicals is expanding business development for applications of the strong bonding technology and has received high marks from customers for uses in electrical and electronic segments such as those related to smartphones and automotive applications.

Demand for luxury metal housing applications in the smartphone market has grown significantly, especially in China. As metal housing requires bonding of metal and resin parts, continued good growth is expected in surface processing technology markets. The investment in Sentronic’s subsidiary, which has a good foothold in China, will bolster Mitsui Chemicals’ expansion of POLYMETAC™ surface processing applications in the Chinese smartphone market.

【Sentronic International Corporation Outline】

1. Establishment 1987
2. Capital Taiwan $ 315 million
3. Head Office Taipei, Taiwan
4. Chairman Tonko Tsai
5. Employees 57 persons (as of end of FY2014)
6. Business area Sales of electronic components
7. Sales Taiwan $ 856 million(FY2014)

【MSCT Corporation Outline】

1. Shareholder ratio Sentronic 55%, Mitsui Chemicals 45%
2. Head Office Taipei, Taiwan
3. Surface processing facilities Dongguan City, China