SWP / light 001 with SWP™ and ERIKO KAWAKAMI of DRAFT

Material Meets Creative Team Project launched,
featuring collaborations with creators taking on the challenges of materials
~ Discovering the appeal of materials for creating new customer value ~



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) has announced the launch of the Material Meets Creative Team Project on the BRAIN, which is a monthly magazine specializing in advertising and creative. This is a project featuring collaborations with creators to clearly communicate the appeal of materials from unprecedented perspectives.

Mitsui Chemicals is proceeding with the creation of new customer value through the intensive cultivation of consumer value. It has decided to successively present its products through this project with the aim of making the functions and value produced by materials known to society at large.
Mitsui Chemicals constantly thinks of consumer value when working with creators who develop new products and communications and when studying better relationships between consumers and materials in a bid to discover the new appeal of materials and create new customer value from it.
The appeal of materials presented by up-and-coming creators will be showcased on the website.

SWP / light 001 in SWP™ meets ERIKO KAWAKAMI
An innovation of paper and light is expressed with SWP™


SWP™ is the world’s only synthetic pulp, which is created using Mitsui Chemicals’ unique technology. Like natural pulp, it has a form that branches out in micrometric size. When it is added to natural pulp or other material in the paper milling process, it adds a special function to the paper, such as a high level of whiteness that cannot be achieved by dyeing, thermally induced change into transparency, thermal sealing and an embossed texture for 3D expression. These design features allow the material to be used in catalogues, wrapping containers, business cards, picture books and more. In addition, the thermal sealing function is applied to tea bags without metal staples, enabling them to be microwaved. It therefore delivers benefits to people’s lives.


BRAIN is a monthly magazine specializing in advertising and creatives that was launched in 1961. Each issue showcases all kinds of creative examples of marketing and communication including products, packages, fashion and art. It is published by Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. on the first day of each month.

Eriko Kawakami, Art Director,

Eriko Kawakami is an art director who was born in Tokyo in 1982.
She graduated from the Department of Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts and joined DRAFT in 2008.
Her major works include san grams for Marumatsu Seichajo and creatives for the Potchiri purse store and Aoyama Flower Market. She won a JAGDA award in 2013 and an ADC award in 2015.