President’s Message to New Employees of 2022 (Summary)



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

1. Introduction

I would like to congratulate all our new staff on joining Mitsui Chemicals. On behalf of the company, I offer a warm welcome to you all.

Under normal circumstances, I would meet you all in person and talk to you at an initiation ceremony. But unfortunately, the need to combat the spread of COVID-19 means that I have to speak to you online.

I am sure many of you will have been unable to go on trips to celebrate your graduation or attend various other events you had planned. At Mitsui Chemicals too, we have introduced teleworking – primarily for head office staff – along with other measures to limit travel to and from our offices and plants. Between the prolonged pandemic and the tense situation in Ukraine, the business environment surrounding our company is uncertain.

Still, whereas separate initiation ceremonies used to be held at each of our plants and offices in pre-COVID times, I am at least very happy to see that all of Mitsui Chemicals’ new employees can come together here this year thanks to the benefits of being online.

2. A Changing Society and the Role of the Mitsui Chemicals Group

I would like to take some time to talk about the changes currently going on in society, as well as what sort of role we at the Mitsui Chemicals Group should play. As you know, the Russian military invaded Ukraine on February 24 this year. The use of military force in this way is absolutely unacceptable. I would strongly urge those involved to resolve this matter through peaceful dialogue at the earliest possible opportunity. As we come into our third year of living with COVID-19, the global environment around us is changing day by day – and so I believe we can say that the world is truly at an historic turning point right now. I am talking here about new currents emerging simultaneously across the globe, such as industrial digitalization, the evolution of ICT, climate change, efforts to deal with plastic waste and more through a circular economy, and the way in which ESG initiatives are becoming ever more tied in with corporate management. On top of this, COVID-19 is serving as an opportunity to drive changes in how we see employment.

Against this backdrop, companies are needing to take up new forms of management that conform to such a changing business environment if they are to achieve sustainable growth. The Mitsui Chemicals Group responded to this kind of environmental change with the publication last year of our VISION 2030 long-term business plan.

VISION 2030 is the result of exhaustive discussion from scratch regarding the kind of corporate group we want to become amid the tides of change I have just described. We realized afresh that the cornerstone of the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s growth should be getting back to our identity of solving social issues and looking to help build a sustainable society, brought about by getting as much as possible out of the power of chemicals – the very thing that allows us to create value. In light of this, we have redefined our Corporate Target, stating that our aspiration is to be a corporate group that uses the power of chemicals to solve social issues, create diverse value and maintain sustainable growth.

Taking into account the sense of urgency and readiness incorporated into VISION 2030, we have established our ideal vision for 2030, along with five basic strategies for its achievement.

We will speed up the transformation of our business portfolio in order both to help solve social issues and to achieve growth. To this end, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will move on from the current business model, whose limitations are becoming clear. Instead, guided by a social issues perspective, we will place Mitsui Chemicals on a new growth path by transitioning to higher added value business models centered on solutions and the circular economy.

3. My Key Messages to You

(1) Safety is the top priority

The first thing I want you to remember is that safety is the top priority. I would like for all of you to etch this into your minds, and to aim for zero accidents and incidents not only on the production floor but in all workplace environments. Further, as the health of all our employees is what lets us continue our business operations, I would like for each and every employee of the Mitsui Chemicals Group to be more aware of health management.

(2) Take the initiative, have a sense of duty and maintain a collaborative structure

The second is to take the initiative, have a sense of duty and maintain a collaborative structure. To increase the competitiveness of the Mitsui Chemicals Group and meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, it is vital for each and every employee not only to think for themselves and fulfill their duties, but also to combine the power of individuals to form an organization of comprehensive strength. As well as keeping your aspirations high and striving to improve yourself, please encourage the team members around you.

(3) Learning from tough challenges is what makes us competitive

The third thing I would like to highlight is that learning by way of tackling tough challenges – whether you succeed or fail at these challenges – is what fosters competitiveness. Learning does not stop once you leave formal education. Unlike at school, there is no single right answer in the workplace. That is why anyone can fail. But it is fine to fail. I want you to try things, learn from your failures, reflect on them and keep taking on those challenges time and again. What awaits you as a result of that process will undoubtedly be both your own growth and that of the organization. The Mitsui Chemicals Group will continually provide you with room and opportunities for growth as you take on challenges.

4. Conclusion

This year marks the start of VISION 2030. The flexible ideas and ways of thinking shown by you – young people who have grown up with the internet and digital devices from birth – will be crucial in the growth of the Mitsui Chemicals Group as we look to survive into the era of digital transformation. I firmly believe you are all assets to our business. And that is precisely why you should not feel hesitant about speaking up just because you are a new employee; please voice your own thoughts with pride. Keep taking on challenges and making discoveries every single day; it will allow you to develop outstanding insight, creative imagination and a powerful ability to get things done.

I have high hopes for your achievements, and I will be supporting you.