Mitsui Chemicals Opens up Employee Benefits to Same-Sex Partners in Push for More Diverse Workforce



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) has opened up new opportunities for LGBTQ employees this month as part of an ongoing effort to support human rights in line with the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Human Rights Policy*1. Starting October 2022, employees who inform Mitsui Chemicals of their same-sex relationship will have their same-sex partners viewed in the same way as opposite-sex partners for the purposes of certain employee benefits systems, including leave entitlements.
Going forward, Mitsui Chemicals will remain committed to providing a friendly working environment for LGBTQ employees. The company will also continue to proactively consider related policies and pursue further diversity.

*1The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Human Rights Policy:

Overview of the changes

Company systems affected
  • Paid leave relating to marriage, bereavement, caregiving or nursing
  • Unpaid leave relating to childcare or nursing
  • Rental of company housing

Additional systems are set to receive similar revisions over time.

Applicable to
  • Employees of Mitsui Chemicals (working within Japan)
  • Contract employees (temporary, permanent, or those entering re-employment), depending on the scope of each individual system

A history of Mitsui Chemicals’ LGBTQ initiatives

2016:  Held training for HR employees, as well as events including a movie event to encourage understanding
2018:  Added case studies about LGBTQ-related harassment to the training process for new line managers
2020:  Implemented LGBTQ ally training and harassment avoidance training for line managers at the general manager level and below
2021:  Launched initiatives to make recruitment activities more LGBTQ-friendly
  • Removed the need for job-seeking students to register as a specific gender, helping to encourage diversity
  • Stopped asking for applicants to submit an ID photograph (with the exception of certain occupational categories), aiding in efforts to hire motivated and capable employees regardless of their gender and appearance
  • Stopped imposing a prescriptive dress code of gender-specific suits on applicants attending interviews
Mitsui Chemicals LGBTQ Ally Declaration

Launched consultation services to deal with complaints of harassment related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and providing information on the use of various systems
Updated in-house systems to treat same-sex partners the same as other spouses for the purpose of leave entitlements and company housing
Created and circulated a handbook relating to the use of these systems
Distributed LGBTQ ally merchandise to make LGBTQ allies more visible

Handbook relating to the use of these systems

★Handbook relating to the use of these systems


Mitsui Chemicals website – Diversity: