The Mitsui Chemicals Group CSR Report 2016 Released



Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) has released its CSR Report 2016.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group actively engages in a wide range of activities aimed at the sustainable development of society and the Group.In producing the CSR Report 2016, our goal is to maintain a dialog with our stakeholders. The report shines a light on the Group’s three-axis management (economy, environment and society), with a focus on environmental and social initiatives.

A diverse pool of human resources that provides the underlying strength of our businesses and technologies, together with an organizational culture that recognizes safety as a top priority, provide the impetus for generating value throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group. In the Special Feature of the Report, we shine a light on the Group’s stance toward human resources management and efforts to cultivate a safety culture. In addition, we also provide details of a presentation that Mr. Eiichiro Adachi from the Japan Research Institute, Limited gave to the management team at Mitsui Chemicals on the creation of corporate value over the long term. We believe that this presentation was an opportunity to reconsider the direction the Group should take toward realizing the sustainable development.

About the main visual concept of the report

Carrying on from the previous year, we adopted an artwork under the control of Able Art Company※ for our principal visual concept in fiscal 2016. This year’s image features multicolored hands coming together to convey the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s desire to solve social problems through its business activities while deepening communications with its stakeholders.

Able Art Company
An organization that provides intermediary support by providing opportunities for work and commercializing the artworks of artists with disabilities. Able Art Company was established to create an environment in which artists with disabilities can work. The organization serves as a conduit between artists with disabilities and commercial end users interested in incorporating their art into designs and products.

Taking advantage of the unique features of online media, we have thoroughly edited the comprehensive content with the aim of making it more readable and accessible. A booklet version of the CSR Report will not be published in fiscal 2016.