Management System Stakeholder Engagement Support Initiatives

Stakeholder Engagement

The Mitsui Chemicals Group states “Contribute broadly to society” as its Corporate Mission over the five social contribution areas. We believe that we have to remain sensitive to society’s demands and expectations in order to realize this mission and sustainably develop our business with society. In line with this mission, we deepen communications with our stakeholders, on whom our business activities have an impact.

Corporate Mission

Contribute broadly to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovation and the creation of materials, while keeping in harmony with the global environment.

Shareholders and Investors

The Mitsui Chemicals Group fulfills accountability by holding constructive dialogs with our shareholders and investors and discloses appropriate information in a fair, transparent, and timely manner. We examine the comments we welcome from shareholders and investors to improve our business management and information disclosure. We aim to enhance our corporate value through these efforts.

Priority issues
  • Constructive dialogs
  • Disclosing appropriate information in a fair, transparent, and timely manner
  • Reflecting opinions from shareholders and investors in our business management
Major approaches
  • Shareholders’ meeting (once per year)
  • Financial results briefing (4 times per year)
  • CEO Explanation business Result & Outlook (twice per year)
  • Large-scale meetings (twice per year)
  • Individual meetings (approx. 400 times per year)
  • Area-specific briefings including on strategies for specific business areas and ESGs
  • Plant tour*
  • Mitsui Chemicals Report & Mitsui Chemicals Group ESG Report (each once per year)
  • Website (updated as required)
  • Contact point

*Not held in fiscal 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Making the best use of the Group’s comprehensive resources, we aim to offer optimum solutions to our customers through our technologies, products, and services. The quality management of our products and services ensures that we can meet our customers’ expectations.

Priority issues
  • Providing optimum solutions
  • Providing high-quality products and services
  • Providing appropriate information of products and services
Major approaches
  • Website (updated as required)
  • Product and technological presentations
  • Participating in exhibitions
  • Contact point


In procurement, we strive to fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities across the supply chain from a global perspective. To achieve this, we need to form strong partnerships with our suppliers. We believe this initiative will help drive the sustainable development of the suppliers and Mitsui Chemicals Group.

Priority issues
  • Fair and honest transactions
  • Partnerships that aim at mutual sustainable development
Major approaches
  • Supplier sustainability evaluation and support for improvement

Local Communities

We would like to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by operating our business in each site stably and safely. This cannot be attained without the trust of the community, and as part of this approach we create a number of opportunities to communicate with local residents.

Priority issues
  • Fulfilling social responsibilities
  • Building trust with communities
  • Collaboration with NGOs and NPOs
Major approaches
  • Opinion exchange meetings
  • Business site tours
  • Local newsletters
  • Laboratory Classes on the Wonders of Chemistry program
  • Disaster relief
  • Website (updated as required)

Industry, Government and Academia

We maintain a global business presence while complying with local laws and regulations.
In addition, in our efforts to drive sustainable development of the society and the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we endeavor to demonstrate leadership while working with industry, government, and academia.

Priority issues
  • Appropriate payment of taxes
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Understanding the latest regulation trends
  • Suggestions toward developing industrial organizations or governmental policies
  • Open innovation under collaborations among industry, government, and academia
Major approaches
  • Reports to industry, government, and academia
  • Participating in industry-government-academia projects
  • Participating in industrial and academic organizations
  • Joint research


The Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to attain both the “happiness and self-fulfillment of employees” and the “sustainable growth of the company.” To realize these aims, we are committed to creating working environments where diverse human resources can perform their roles dynamically, exerting their full capabilities.

Priority issues
  • Human resources development
  • Appropriate evaluation and compensation
  • Employee-friendly working environment
  • Diversity
  • Safety and prevention
  • Occupational health
Major approaches
  • Intranet (updated as required)
  • Company newsletter (4 times per year)
  • Training sessions
  • Employee Engagement Survey (once every 2 to 3 years)
  • Labor-management discussion
  • Health and Safety Committee meetings
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