At each of our R&D laboratories, researchers with diverse backgrounds and experience are working hard to achieve customer-driven innovation.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s products are comprised of an extensive range of technologies.

In order to cater quickly to a wide variety of customer needs, Mitsui Chemicals consolidates its diverse technologies at each of its R&D laboratories, in order to drive the efficient enhancement and dynamic exploration of those technology areas.

Synthetic Chemicals Laboratory

Proposing new functionality by leveraging diverse organic synthesis

All substances are composed of molecules. For Mitsui Chemicals, as a producer of a diverse range of chemical products, the design and synthesis of molecules with the intended structure is an important core technology that is fundamental to product design.

The Synthetic Chemicals Laboratory works continuously to drive the evolution of technologies for creating desired molecular structures, utilizing a diverse range of synthesis techniques. In addition to normal organic synthesis, these also include specialized synthesis techniques, including heteroatomic synthesis, and biological methods such as enzyme catalysis.

These technologies are utilized in the development of functional chemicals with specific characteristics, such as ophthalmic lens monomers with high refractive indexes, or urethane foam materials with finely controlled physical properties, such as those used in external cladding materials for robots.

Main locations

Sodegaura Center, Omuta Works, Mobara Branch Factory


Polymeric Materials Laboratory

Contributing to the creation of functional polymers with sophisticated technical capabilities for producing desired materials

Polymeric materials now play an indispensable part in our daily lives, from their use in food packaging to the latest IT devices.

Although these polymeric materials can be found all around us, producing them requires advanced technologies and know-how. Achieving the desired performance and material functionality requires sophisticated control of a massive number of parameters, from the design of their micro-molecular structure to how they are made, and how their various constituents are mixed.

The Polymeric Materials Laboratory’s mission is to tackle the difficult challenges involved in producing these materials and create new value for society.

Over the course of many years of R&D activities, the laboratory has amassed an array of technologies for the design, synthesis and compounding of polymeric materials. These technologies are utilized in the development of functional polymeric materials for a wide range of uses, from automotive applications to IT devices, and in the provision of technology services. Today, too, the laboratory continues to create new value for customers.

Main locations

Sodegaura Center, Ichihara Works


Functional Materials Laboratory

A team of polymer-processing professionals who create additional value by giving form to polymeric materials

Giving shape and form to materials creates new value. Even with the same material, processing techniques that change the shape of the material enable it to be used for a wide range of applications, from lifestyle materials such as food packaging to the latest IT devices.

These processing technologies play an important role in expanding the possibilities of materials themselves.

The Functional Materials Laboratory tackles the challenges of creating new value for materials by driving the evolution of processing technologies, such as converting polymeric materials into film, nonwoven fabrics and various other forms.

These technologies are applied in the creation of products such as food packaging film that is thoroughly airtight yet easy to open, and comfortable skin-friendly nonwoven fabrics for disposable diapers.

Main locations

Sodegaura Center, Nagoya Works


Process Technology Laboratory

Refining technologies for making products that deliver value to the world

Mitsui Chemicals is a manufacturer. However fantastic our research outcomes may be, they have no value until we deliver them to customers as products.

The Process Technology Laboratory has been working for many years to develop and refine the manufacturing technologies needed to achieve this.

The laboratory supports the mass production of Mitsui Chemicals’ products by solving questions at various stages in the manufacturing process, such as how to produce existing products more efficiently, and what is needed in order to produce new products from scratch. It does this based on extensive knowledge and insights, accumulated through many years of experience, as well as by incorporating the latest simulations and other computer technologies.

Main locations

Sodegaura Center, Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, Osaka Works, Omuta Works


Mobility Development Center

Solutions that go beyond simply proposing materials: proposing new styles that captivate customers

Mitsui Chemicals is currently engaged in efforts to accelerate its R&D activities with new approaches for catering swiftly to the wants and needs of customers and society.

The Mobility Development Center was established in 2016 as a forerunner to those efforts.

With its slogan of “creating and captivating,” the Center has taken a step beyond conventional materials proposal-type R&D, and is working to acquire new technologies that will enable more effective delivery of product value, with a greater understanding of customer needs throughout the development process, from component and material design to prototyping and evaluation.

Main locations

Sodegaura Center, Design & Solution Center


Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Center

Creating new business opportunities as a technology showcase for the Mitsui Chemicals Group in Asia

Societies from India to the Middle East are undergoing rapid modernization, with Southeast Asia in particular drawing the attention of the global economy. This modernization is resulting in the creation of a stream of new markets, offering new business opportunities that are different from those available in Japan.

At the same time, numerous social issues are becoming apparent in these societies.

Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre is composed of a diverse team of researchers from the Asia-Pacific region; working to identify local market changes and propose new value through collaboration with customers, research institutions and startup companies in the region.

Main locations

Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Center Pte. Ltd.