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Material for eyeglass lenses


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Plant-derived superhigh-index lens material.



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Made from plant-derived materials, this lens is designed to create a smaller carbon footprint than conventional petroleum-derived products.


Plant-derived materials

Based on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), this material reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 14 % compared to conventional products based on petroleum-derived materials.*1
The resulting products are JORA- and USDA-certified biomass products.*2*3

Superior Optical Properties

This material allows the production of high-quality lenses with less distortion, with optical performance levels comparable to conventional products made from petroleum-derived materials.

Ultra-High Refractive Index

The extremely high refractive index of 1.74 allows the manufacture of much thinner and lighter lenses, even lenses with high corrective power.

*1 Based on our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) procedure

*2 JORA certification: A mark (biomass mark) in which the Japan Organic Recycling Association certifies environmental products that utilize biological resources (biomass) and comply with quality, related regulations and standard criteria.

*3 USDA certification : Biomass mark indicating plant-derived certification by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA BioPreferred®)

List of Products

Do Green™ MR-174™ (R.I.: 1.74)

For MR-174™ specifications, see here.

*Development of products with R.I. of 1.60 is underway.

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