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A UV/heat-cured encapsulate material with excellent transparency that can be coated at inkjet or screen printing facilities because it meets the facility standard.

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TFE, Display (OLED)



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Struct Bond™ for thin film encapsulation exhibits excellent transparency and can be selected from a UV-cured resin that can be applied for inkjet printing or a heat-cured resin suitable for screen printing.
The UV-cured resin is a material with a viscosity that enables application with inkjet equipment while also being adaptable to the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) manufacturing process and has minimal outgassing. For this reason, it also can be used as an encapsulant for OLED.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc can also propose total solutions that include the investigation and analysis of various defects related to encapsulants.

Struct Bond™  Thin film encapsulation(Development)



There is little outgassing during heating after curing, minimizing damage to other processed materials.

Low water content

There is very little water content, which can cause damage to other processed materials.


With excellent transparency, it can be used as an encapsulant for devices that require optical properties.


Process Suitability

Printing method

Depending on the method of application, inkjet printing or screen printing can be selected. With inkjet materials, thin film coating down to 5μm can be achieved thanks to the excellent printing characteristics.


The UV-cured resin can be cured in a short time, and a type suitable for clean dry air (CDA) environments is also available.
The heat-cured resin is mainly used with screen printing.

CVD process adaption

This supports the CVD manufacturing process and does not cause cracks or peeling.

Process Suitability


Details of Properties
Items Encapsulation
Grade UV curing
A type
UV curing
E type
Heat curing
T type
Curing method UV curing
UV curing
Heat curing
Curing condition 1,500mJ~ 1,500mJ~ 110℃~
Jetting method Inkjet printing* Inkjet printing* Screen printing
Viscosity (mPa.s) 13~25 5~25 100~5,000
Appearance Transparent Transparent Transparent
Transmittance(%) >99 >99 >99
Water content (ppm) <50 <50 <50

*Please inquire regarding recommended inkjet heads.

Please feel free to acquire with other requests, as Mitsui Chemicals offers a wide range of other grades (low dielectric content, high adhesive strength, gap-filling performance, etc.).


OLED Display
OLED Display
OLED Display
OLED Display

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