Material Topics and VISION 2030

The Mitsui Chemicals Group's Material Topics and VISION 2030

The Mitsui Chemicals Group aims to engage in business activities that help solve social challenges and sustainably grow and develop with society by deepening the triple bottom line management approach, which is founded on the three axes of economy, environment, and society, and managing the Group companies from a long-term perspective.
In FY2021, we formulated VISION 2030, a long-term business plan until 2030.
To formulate VISION 2030, we returned to the Group’s purpose, which is to solve social challenges. We hope to become an enterprise that sustainably provides solutions with the power of chemistry capable of creating diverse values to address the various social issues that have arisen amidst the accelerating environmental changes, so we have defined the Group’s vision to achieve in the next 15 to 20 years as follows: become a corporate group that continues to grow sustainably by solving social issues with the power of chemistry and creating diverse values.
In light of the changes and megatrends in our internal and external environments, we have defined three visions of the ideal future society that we will contribute to create, as the direction for the Group to take in order to address the numerous environmental and social issues that may arise.
The first vision is to create “a circular society in harmony with the environment.” In order to achieve harmony with the environment as stated in our corporate mission, we aim to build a circular society and economy by providing suitable products and services and building an appropriate business structure.
The second is to create “a comfortable society in which people can enjoy healthy lives and well-being.” One of the Group’s five focus areas for social contribution efforts is “promoting human well-being.” We aim to build a flexible and resilient society even when the environment is rapidly changing, and to widely distribute products and services that enhance people’s health, security, and comfort in life across the society.
The third one is to create “an inclusive society creating diverse value.” The Group’s mission is to contribute to society through innovation and the creation of materials with the power of chemistry. The source of innovation lies in the diversity of the people who create it. We believe that by accepting and utilizing the differences of one another, we can keep creating new values. By developing an inclusive society that celebrates diversity, we aim to create a world ”no one will be left behind”, as envisioned in the SDGs.
The Group has identified the material topics to address in order to realize these three visions of ideal future society and has incorporated them in the basic strategies for VISION 2030. In addition, we have set KPIs and targets linked to material topics as non-financial metrics to ensure the execution of VISION 2030. Based on these non-financial metrics, we intend to improve our corporate value while implementing specific PDCA cycles.

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