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Management System

Policy and Basic Approach

Responsible Care is an activity that the world’s chemical industry is integrally promoting to improve the quality of life (QOL) by chemical products and to contribute to the sustainable development of society. All companies voluntarily implement activities designed to ensure safety, health and quality as well as protect the environment throughout the entire life cycles of their chemical products, publicize the results of their activities and engages in dialog with the local communities where they operate. As Responsible Care activities span entire life cycles, it is believed that the philosophy behind these activities is applicable not only to the chemical industry that manufactures the chemical products but also universally by all industries that use them.

Responsible Care

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has identified certain basic elements of the Responsible Care activities undertaken by the Group in accordance with the Responsible Care Policy. Guided by this Policy, the Group engages in various Responsible Care activities in such areas as safety and prevention, environmental protection, occupational health, product stewardship, the quality of products and services, and logistics. Through its Responsible Care activities, the Company and Group are committed to addressing the expectations and earning the trust of society as well as the local community while also contributing to the sustainable development of the public at large and the chemical industry.

The Responsible Care Policy is upheld in the “Philosophy and Policy Relating to Ensuring Safety” of the Mitsui Chemicals Group. It was formulated based on the philosophy of the Responsible Care Global Charter* drawn up by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA).

*Responsible Care Global Charter:
Announced by the ICCA in 2006 to create a common global vision for Responsible Care, the Charter also pays special attention to Sustainability and Product Stewardship while improving the environmental, health and safety activities of chemical companies. Revised in 2014, the Charter has been signed by the CEOs of more than 500 chemical companies

Responsible Care® Global Charter

Company Signatories to the 2014 Responsible Care® Global Charter

Responsible Care Policy

Based on its Corporate Mission and Action Guidelines, the Mitsui Chemicals Group acknowledges that its business challenge is not only to comply with laws and regulations of the countries in which it does business, but also to continuously contribute to the improvement of safety, health, the environment, and quality, for the sustainable development of society. We will expand our business focus while continuing to improve and maintain good communication with all our stakeholders and business partners.

  • We pledge that safety is our top priority and will focus on achieving zero accidents and occupational injuries.
  • We will assess the risks to people and the environment from our products throughout their lifecycles, while working to ensure the health and safety of all persons and to reduce the environmental impact of those products.
  • We will contribute to improve quality of life and protect the environment through our business activities by developing beneficial technologies and products.
  • We will provide high-quality products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers and respond to the trust that they place in us.
  • We will actively promote the well-being of all our employees.

These Rules shall come into full force as of October 1, 1997.
These Rules as revised shall remain in full force and effective as of September 1, 2015

We also produced guidelines to better ingrain the Responsible Care Policy throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group. We translated the Responsible Care Policy and guidelines into eight languages, including English, Chinese, Korean and Malay, and sent them throughout the Group as a whole.

In addition, to further expand Responsible Care activities at subsidiaries and affiliates, Mitsui Chemicals drew up (in Japanese, English, and Chinese editions) the Shiodome Manifesto . Based on the articles of the Responsible Care Global Charter, the Manifesto serves as a declaration that promotes the Group’s Responsible Care policy and frameworks for subsidiaries and affiliates. The presidents of all Group subsidiaries and affiliates that fall within the scope of Responsible Care support*, as deemed under Company regulations, signed off in acknowledgement of their commitment.

*Subsidiaries and affiliates that fall within the scope of Responsible Care support:
Subsidiaries and affiliates that manufacture or handle chemicals (Excluding subsidiaries and affiliates within factory premises where the parent works manager bears the responsibility for Responsible Care implementation.)

System and Responsible Officers

Chaired by the responsible director in charge of the Responsible Care Committee, the Responsible Care Committee convenes three times a year, formulates policies, strategies and plans with regard to Responsible Care activities, conducts performance evaluations and reviews Responsible Care related systems.
The general managers of each division (the general managers from the RC & Quality Assurance Division; Safety and Environment Technology Division; Planning & Coordination Division Production & Technology Center; Logistics Division; and Human Resources Division), who are the Committee’s permanent members, report on the Responsible Care activities in their respective jurisdictions at Responsible Care Committee meetings.
The responsible director in charge of the Responsible Care Committee also bears the responsibility for the deliberations and discussions held at the Committee, and outlines of their content are reported to the Management Committee, thereby ensuring a senior management-level commitment to Responsible Care.

Responsible Care Management System

Responsible Care Management System Responsible Care Management System

Role of the Responsible Care Committee

  • Formulated Responsible Care -related policies, strategies, plans and measures on a companywide basis
  • Assess the results of Companywide Responsible Care activities on a yearly and quarterly basis
  • Publicize and raise awareness of Responsible Care within the Company
  • Assess the results of Responsible Care audits
  • Review Responsible Care systems and examine other important issues

Composition of the Responsible Care Committee

Chair: Hideki Matsuo, Representative Director, Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer(CTO)
Vice Chair:Shinji Ogawa, Senior Councilor
Permanent members: Center Executive of the Production & Technology Center, General Manager of the Planning & Coordination Division of Each Business Sector, General Manager of R&D Planning & Coordination Division, Planning & Coordination Division of the Production & Technology Center, Safety & Environment Technology Division, the RC & Quality Assurance Division, Purchasing Division, Logistics Division, Human Resources Division, Corporate Planning Division, Affiliates Coordination Division, Corporate Communications Division, Corporate Sustainability Division, and Internal Control Division, other members appointed by the Chairperson
Observers:Corporate Auditor, President of the Mitsui Chemicals Labor Union, other members appointed by the Chairperson
Secretariat: RC & Quality Assurance Division

We constantly exchange information between divisions in charge of Responsible Care and engage in Responsible Care activities that involve the Company as a whole. Regular meetings are held by the representatives of each department on a monthly basis. We also appoint a member of staff to be in charge of Responsible Care (RC Officer) at each business division and in each department and roll out Responsible Care -related policies and strategies across the Mitsui Chemicals Group as a whole through RC Officer meetings (held twice a year). Based on these policies and strategies, specific Responsible Care activities are carried out by individual departments, including each works and business division.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group as a whole also promotes Responsible Care, including support for specific activities for domestic and overseas affiliated companies as well as departments with various functions. Meetings are also held twice a year with domestic subsidiaries and affiliates to exchange information. Moreover, steps are taken to share policies related to Responsible Care activities as well as activity results. Turning to overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, SHE* meetings are held by region. In addition to sharing policies and strategies relating to Responsible Care, every effort is being made to promote Responsible Care throughout the Group as a whole.

*SHE: Safety, Health, and Environment.

Internal Audits

The implementation status of Responsible Care is evaluated and guided by periodic audits, and the plans for the following fiscal year formulated on the basis of the audit results, which are then reported to the Responsible Care Committee. For further details, please refer to this.

Participating in Chemical Industry Associations in Each Country

We report the results of our Responsible Care activities to each association and are working to maintain the transparency of the chemical industry in the eyes of society.
Report recipients: Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA), Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM, China), Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC), Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), the American Chemistry Council (ACC), and the Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA).
Topics that are likely to become management issues are gathered from information obtained in the course of the activities at these associations and reported to top management.

Support Initiatives

Review and Challenges

Some of the items designated as targets for fiscal 2018 could not be achieved. The Responsible Care Committee examined the causes and improvement measures and developed the fiscal 2019 plan.

*For details of specific activities, please refer to the relevant page for each Responsible Care category.

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