Talent acquisition

Basic Policy on Recruitment

Our basic policy is to ensure fairness in recruitment without discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, age, gender, disability, or other factors. In the actual screening process, we have removed items not related to job competency, and employees responsible for screening candidates receive training to ensure fair screening. We believe that acquiring talent that offers diversity in values, backgrounds and skills will lead to new innovation and sustainable growth of the Group within society.

Initiatives and Results

Recruitment data (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Total regular recruitment 245 195 203
Career-track administrative positions
(number of women)
105 (27) 82 (17) 78 (19)
Skilled staff
(number of women)
140 (16) 113 (8) 125 (6)
Total midcareer recruitment 66 68 129
Career-track administrative positions
(number of women)
39 (7) 37 (5) 92 (9)
Skilled staff
(number of women)
27 (11) 31 (11) 37 (12)

Concrete Measures to Ensure Fairness in Recruitment Activities

For greater fairness and equity in recruitment and to promote diversity, we have implemented the following actions starting in 2021. Future recruitment activities will be based on fairness and impartiality to assist in creating a work environment that encourages active participation of diverse human resources.

  • Students engaged in job hunting can choose not to answer gender questions in line with diversity requirements.
  • They are no longer required to submit photo IDs, except for certain job types, to strengthen our efforts to recruit talented and motivated people regardless of gender or appearance.
  • They are not required to conform with recruitment-oriented dress code at interviews to eliminate gender-based discrimination based on clothing.

Strengthening Mid-career Recruitment by Utilizing Various Approach Channels

We are driving the execution of important initiatives for VISION 2030, such as business portfolio transformation, overseas expansion, and acceleration of M&A, at a faster pace than ever before. Under such circumstances, the Mitsui Chemicals Group expects to take on challenges in unfamiliar areas, etc. In addition to training and utilizing employees, the Group is actively recruiting personnel with experience and expertise in relevant areas from outside the company. In fact, in fiscal 2021, we have hired more than twice as many mid-career professionals as in the previous year for career-track positions, focusing on personnel who can help expand our business domains.
We are also considering introducing various recruitment methods, rather than being bound by conventional ones. In fiscal 2021, we piloted the referral recruitment program to consider candidates referred by our employees, which led to the recruitment of 13 individuals. To further promote this program, we plan to fully roll it out in fiscal 2022. In addition to highly specialized personnel who meet the needs of the Group, some of the candidates hired under this program are former Mitsui Chemical employees, or alumni. We will continue our efforts to acquire the talent essential for our growth through various approaches.

Training Programs for Career Development

Mitsui Chemicals conducts a career education program for university freshmen and sophomores with the aim of fostering a career outlook and helping them understand jobs. Specifically, we invite students to our offices for hands-on workshops to think about business strategies, and offer various programs that give students the opportunity to interact with our employees and learn why working is rewarding and about the various future options available to them. These programs are well-received by the participating students, as they focus on helping the students better understand elements that help them make career choices, such as thinking methods necessary for business activities and keys to effective career planning, as well as providing them with insight into real business situations and employees who are working there. We also believe that by helping students better understand our company through these initiatives, we will be able to match students with our company more accurately and attract excellent human resources in the future.

  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Number of participants 40 33 35

*Held online in FY2020 and onward.

Recruitment Marketing with LinkedIn

We use LinkedIn for recruitment marketing to globally increase awareness of the Mitsui Chemicals Group and to recruit more diverse talent. We continuously publish news releases on the Mitsui Chemicals Group and profiles of our employees and products. As of March 2022, we have gained more than 22,000 followers. In addition, our initiative to post jobs for Asia, Europe, and other regions has led to the recruitment of over 20 candidates since 2019. We plan to reinforce our global recruitment by coordinated action through the entire Group.

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