Participating in Initiatives

Participating in ESG Information Sharing Platforms and Acquiring Supply Chain Certification

The Group is participating in platforms (Sedex, EcoVadis) that aim to improve corporate environmental and social practices within the supply chain through the sharing of information relating to these practices. Moreover, Mitsui Chemicals has acquired RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and Sustainable Castor Association supply chain certifications.

Sustainable Castor Association

Participation in Global Compact Network Japan Supply Chain Working Group

Mitsui Chemicals has been associated with the initiatives of the Global Compact Network Japan (local network for the UN Global Compact in Japan). We have been participating in supply chain working group since fiscal 2013. As part of its efforts with participating companies to improve sustainable procurement throughout the supply chain, Mitsui Chemicals has been involved in drafting industry-wide self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs), exchanging opinions with NGOs and experts and raising awareness of these efforts among other organizations and companies. As the questionnaires were established based on the following concepts, the Group has taken the initiative in adopting the SAQs to improve sustainable procurement not only in its own supply chain but along with other participating companies throughout society.

  • Hold discussions on equal treatment for companies that comprise our supply chains regardless of the size of their management resources (personnel, assets, funds); sustainable procurement is becoming an important step in building a sustainable society.
  • Foster a shared vision, mutual understanding/growth based on SAQ responses from all companies that comprise the supply chain, while aiming to make SAQs a baseline by making them easy to understand, user friendly, and open-ended in order to implement sustainable procurement on a global level.
  • Take steps to facilitate the channeling of management resources toward improving internal and supply-chain sustainable procurement by sharing SAQs among suppliers and buyers while working to reduce workloads for both parties.

Declaration of Partnership Building

Mitsui Chemicals agreed with the concept of "Declaration of Partnership Building" established by the Council on Promoting Partnership Building for Cultivating the Future, which consists of the chairman of Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation), chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), president of Rengo (the Japanese Trade Union Confederation), and relevant ministers as members, and has registered our declaration in the "Declaration of Partnership Building" portal website. As our Declaration of Partnership Building, we declared our goals of building a mutually-beneficial relationship across the entire supply chain, establishing new collaborations across business scales, groups, and others, and observing desired business practices with subcontractors.

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