Polymer science
to meet varied customer needs

We have cultivated our polymer science by developing resins to meet various needs, mainly with our cutting- edge polyolefin technology.

  • 100 years of technological know-how
  • Diverse range of products & services
  • 1958

    Ethylene plant operations came online
    (Japan’s first petrochemical complex)

  • 1975

    (alpha-olefin copolymer)

  • 1986

    Established Advanced Composites, Inc.
    (polypropylene compounds)

  • 1987

    ICROS™ Tape
    (semiconductor manufacturing process tapes)

  • 1995

    (cyclic olefin copolymer)

  • 1998

    (metallocene linear low density polyethylene (gas-phase process))

Many products that have led to the resolution of social issues have been created through the application of various technologies derived from polymer science.

  • Enriches life and society

Various Handle Parts


Good plasticity and nonslip surface enables good hold with minimum effort. Contributes to improve enhancing comfort in people’s lives.

  • Protects food
  • Reduces CO2

Keep-fresh film


Suppresses wilting and discoloration of fruits and vegetables and contributes to a reduction in food loss. Reduces GHG emissions by reducing the amount of food wastes.

  • Reduces CO2
  • Conserves resources
  • Enriches life and society

Nonwoven fabric for disposable diapers


Reduces amount of waste by using a fiber structure that offers both softness and strength. Disposable diapers support comfortable living for babies and their carers.

  • Reduces CO2

Diagnostics and Consulting Services for Solar Power Generation Plants

Reduce GHG emissions, which in turn assists clients in preventing yield reduction of solar power generation plants.

Diagnostics and Consulting Services for Solar Power Generation Plants

And more...