Expansion of Automotive Use Polypropylene Production in Thailand
- Global Expansion of Five World-leading Businesses -

January 17, 2012
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Toshikazu Tanaka, President & CEO) and Prime Polymer Co., Ltd. (Yasuhiko Ohtawa, President) announced a 18,000 ton augmentation of polypropylene production in Thailand to meet growing demands of the automotive materials sector.

Outline of Expansion Plan

Region Name Production Capacity(t/y)
Now Increase Post-Augmentation
Thai Grand Siam Composites Co.,Ltd. 122,000 18,000 140,000
  • Production increase of 18,000 tons from new line (tentative commercial operation 3Q 2012)
  • Fully automated high-rise storage facility will constructed to accelerate delivery and improve exactness

As a fundamental strategy of the 2011 Mid-Term Business Plan, the Mitsui Chemicals Group targets further global expansion of its already world-class competitive polypropylene for automotive materials.

Although Thailand flooding in 2011 temporarily affected industry, the country is expected to regain momentum as the production and export trade hub for automotive related materials to ASEAN countries. The current production augmentation will cater to surges in demand for automotive related polypropylene by Indonesia and neighboring countries and will reinforce the Company's presence in the ASEAN market.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has targeted intensification and expansion of polypropylene production in seven major world markets (Japan, United States, Mexico, Europe, Thailand, China, and India). The production augmentation in the Thailand will reinforce the Company's already world top class production capability for automotive material use polypropylene.

Mitsui Chemicals and Prime Polymer will strategically intensify and expand operations through ongoing collaboration and reinforcement of production, sales, and technological support structures necessary in providing state-of-the-art, performance-driven materials to meet the needs of globally expanding automotive manufacturers.


Company Outline of Grand Siam Composites Co., Ltd.

  • 1. Established: February 1996
  • 2. Capital: 63.7 million Bahts
  • 3. Equity Interest: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. 45.2%, Prime Polymer Co., Ltd. 3.0%, SCG Chemicals 46.2%, others 5.6%
  • 4. Head Office: Bangkok, Thailand
  • 5. Production Facilities: Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand


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