Mitsui Chemicals Announces Organization Restructuring

February 29, 2012
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. ("MCI") (Toshikazu Tanaka, President & CEO) announced organization restructuring effective April 1st 2012 as part of the Company's effort to accelerate new growth strategies outlined in its 2011 Mid-Term Business Plan.

April 1st 2012 Organizational Restructuring

1. Functional Films/Sheets Business

a. To optimize and expand functional films/sheets business, MCI pursued aggregation of related Group businesses under Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc. (MCTI). To expedite functional films/sheets business optimization, MCTI will be upgraded from a "division" to a "business sector". Consequently, the Fabricated Products Business Sector will be dissolved.

b. Operations formerly under the Fabricated Products Business Sector will be restructured as follows:

i. Functional Film Division
・To capitalize on synergistic effects of production management and sales, pellicle business will be transferred to the Performance Polymers Division, Functional Polymeric Materials Business Sector.
・New product/market development functions will be transferred to MCTI.
・Consequently, the Functional Film Division will be dissolved.

ii. Nonwovens Fabric Division
・To expedite growth of nonwoven fabrics as one of the pillars of MCI's health care business, operations will be transferred to the Functional Chemicals Business Sector.

iii. Planning & Coordination Division and Fabricated Products Development Division, Fabricated Products Business Sector
・Related business functions will be transferred to the Functional Polymeric Materials Business Sector, Functional Chemicals Business Sector, MCTI, and New Materials Development Center as appropriate.
・Consequently, both divisions will be dissolved.

2. Responsible Care and Quality Assurance

a. Functions related to chemical safety technology and global warming will be transferred to production and technology divisions. To optimize functional efficiency of the Responsible Care Division and Quality Assurance Division, the two division will be conjoined as the RC & Quality Assurance Division.
Functions of the Responsible Care Division will be transferred as shown in the table below. Consequently, the Responsible Care Division will be dissolved.

b. Chemical safety functions will be transferred to the Production Safety & Environment Division. The division will be renamed as the Safety & Environment Division.

Responsible Care Division FunctionsTransferred
Global warming issuesPlanning & Coordination Division
Chemical safety technologySafety & Environment Division
(current Production Safety & Environment Division)
Responsible care policy, strategy, auditing and RC committee chairRC & Quality Assurance Div.
(current Quality Assurance Division)

3. Change in Name of New Business Development Division

・To clarify market area and business focus of the New Business Development Division, the division will be renamed as the Environment & Energy Business Division

4. Change in Name of CSR Promotion Division

・MCI Group employee awareness of CSR activities has matured and in-company promotions in regard to CSR are no longer required. Consequently, the division will be renamed as the CSR Division.


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