Visualizing Contributions to the Environment and Society

Blue Value™ / Rose Value™ Products

Our Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ help visualize the contributions our products and services make to the environment and society and enable us to share those values with stakeholders so we can realize a future cohesive society in harmony with the environment and health and well-being in an aging society. We evaluate our products and services according to application using our own distinctive yardsticks: the Blue Value™ Index for assessing environmental impacts and the Rose Value™ Index for assessing improvement in quality of life (QOL). Those that make significant contributions to the environment or improvements to QOL are certified as Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ products, respectively.


  • Visualization of contributions to the environment and society through our business activities
  • Ability to check application-specific contributions at each stage of the product lifecycle
  • Developing and providing products and services with high contribution value and sharing it with stakeholders
  • Aim to realize our ideal future society by building a Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ chain

Providing Value Through the Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ Chain

Screening and Certification Process

The person in charge of sales and marketing first assesses the potential Blue Value™ or Rose Value™ product or service using the aforementioned indices and then consults with and submits an application to the secretariat. The review board deliberates on the supporting evidence and certifies the product or service if it satisfies the criteria. The deliberations focus on whether the product’s concept and selling point are consistent with the area in which it offers contributions, as well as to check the level of those contributions. In order to certify products and services with an emphasis on appropriateness and objectivity, our assessment methods and screening criteria have been designed based on the advice of external experts. We also ask these experts to present their opinions prior to the review board regarding the candidate product’s level of contribution.

*Life cycle assessment:
A technique to quantitatively assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life, such as development, manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal.

Expectations from Blue Value™ advisor

Environmental problems, social issues, and technological change are some of the challenges we now face as we enter an unchartered era of major transformation. I believe companies that can depict the future with an indefinite number of scenarios will adapt to a truly sustainable society and be the driving force behind it. By taking these problems into consideration, the Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ initiatives can be placed at the core of business and are groundbreaking at the forefront of ESG thanks to their active contributions to solving contemporary issues. I hope they will further grow in intensity, evolve, and demonstrate a new approach for Japanese companies.

Dr. ITSUBO Norihiro
Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Dean, Graduate School of Environmental and Information Studies
Tokyo City University

Dr. Norihiro Itsubo

Expectations from Rose Value™ advisor

In the past, companies were allowed to think that they were contributing to society by developing technologies and manufacturing products that serve a useful purpose. However, a once-in-a-century dramatic paradigm shift of seismic proportions is now taking place in numerous industries. I would like to see companies that engage exclusively in business-to-business operations once again reflect on what kinds of needs their own technologies, products, and services are addressing from the viewpoint of people’s livelihoods. Having an exceptional level of sensitivity regarding society serves as a source of competitiveness. I believe that assessing products and services with the Rose Value™ Index for improving QOL will provide an important clue on how to go about this.

Mr. ADACHI Eiichiro
Counselor, Japan Research Institute, Limited

Mr. Eiichiro Adachi

Setting KPIs

The sales ratio of Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ products is set as one of our KPIs in our 2025 Long-term Business Plan. Growth in the sales ratio for certified products demonstrates that we are making steady progress toward achieving our ideal future society. As an initiative for expanding sales, we are continuing to reflect them into our long-term business strategies and investment plans.
Beginning in fiscal 2020, we are setting expansion strategies as annual targets, with sales of Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ products as management control indicators for each business division. In addition, we set targets on a Group-wide basis for more than 15 pre-launch candidate products. By certifying them as candidate products and monitoring them from the product development stage, we aim to steadily expand certified products.

Blue Value™ Products / Rose Value™ Products Sales Ratio

Blue Value™ products / Rose Value™ Products Sales Ratio
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