Management System

Policy and Basic Approach

As a member of the supply chain, the chemical industry is responsible for chemicals management from product development to disposal (product stewardship). Beyond observing the regulatory requirements in each country, the Mitsui Chemicals Group voluntarily manages an extended range of chemicals to enhance the scope of product stewardship.

To minimize risks to human health and the environment throughout a product life cycle, cooperation with other stakeholders in the supply chain is indispensable. The Mitsui Chemicals Group proactively collects chemical information from suppliers, assesses risks concerning our products, and maintains mutual communications with customers on any hazards in our products and how to handle them safely.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Responsible Care Policy states that the Group makes efforts to assess the risks to people and the environment from our products throughout their lifecycles, while working to ensure the health and safety of all persons and to reduce the environmental impact of those products. We have stipulated the Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Principles for Chemicals Management to unify our basic group-wide approach in fiscal 2019, and now distribute them across the Group.

Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Principles for Chemicals Management

Mitsui Chemicals Group will contribute to the development of a safe and sustainable society by managing chemicals in accordance with the following principles in order to ensure the health and safety of all persons and reduce environmental impact.

1.We establish Chemicals management policies and rules, and take actions in accordance with them.
2.We manage our chemicals management system appropriately.
3.We promote the safe handling of chemical products throughout the value chain through risk communication with our business partners.
4.We understand the needs of our stakeholders and provide appropriate product information.

Founded on the above Policy and Principles, and taking account of global chemical management trends and the Group's business direction, we determine the medium-term goals (Our ideal state) and priority issues on which to take action over the next five years. The priority issues are revised every year.

Medium-Term Goals (Our Ideal State in 2025)

Ideal State: A state in which the Principles for Chemicals Management is established, accelerating sustainable development and growth, product value is heightened, and such efforts are recognized by stakeholders throughout the Mitsui Chemicals Group.

Priority Issues

1.Establish the Principles of Chemicals Management and strengthen and maintain chemicals management depending on the levels of each company

2.Secure response to new risks from the establishment of new laws and revision of laws

3.Prepare a chemical information communication structure that can respond to the circular economy

4.Strengthen product risk management to minimize product risk based on global targets
(Product risk management for new applications, disposal and recycling)

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Chemicals Management

The Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Chemicals Management

System and Responsible Officers

The progress made concerning the group-wide policy, basic approach, medium-term goals, and important issues are subject to deliberation by the Responsible Care Committee as a part of Responsible Care.

Responsibility for a product is taken by the General Manager of the business division that owns the product and the Business sector President responsible for that division. The responsible director in charge of the RC & Quality Assurance Division reviews and establishes the group-wide chemicals management policy, and ensures that the policy is understood and put into practice in all companies. The director also provides advice, instructions, and guidance to the Business Sector Presidents.

General Managers of laboratories ensure that the design of a new product takes safety and the environment fully into account. Chemicals management in our works is undertaken by the General Managers of the works, and when procuring materials, chemicals management is undertaken by the General Manager of the Purchasing Division. The General Manager of the RC & Quality Assurance Division keeps up with the latest movements in chemicals management policies and laws, creates the concrete measures for compliance, and promotes the implementation of such measures across the Group. Under the initiative of the General Manager of the RC & Quality Assurance Division, the Chemicals Safety Department provides concrete support for group organizations, including product information surveys, product risk assessments, means to achieve chemicals regulation and standard compliance, and for creating SDSs and product labels.

Chemicals Management System (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Chemicals Management System (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Internal Audit

The RC & Quality Assurance Division conducts chemical safety audits of each division of the Mitsui Chemicals Group. The fairness of such audits is independently assessed by the Internal Control Division.

Chemical Safety Audit Confirming the chemical management system, the state of its management and state of compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Scope: Business divisions, branch offices and laboratories of Mitsui Chemicals, as well as affiliated companies that market chemical products. (Laboratories are included in the scope of audit because they provide samples.)
Frequency: In principle, once every three years

Goals and Results

KPI Scope FY2019 FY2020 Medium to
Goals Results Level
Goals Goals
Number of legal and regulatory violations Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. 0 0 0
Product risk assessment implementation rate Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Set up new medium to long-term goals ・Set up goals for around 2025
・99% or more
・formulate new assessment indicators
・99% or more
Provision ratio of the latest safety information for all products* Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. 100% 100% 100% Maintaining 100%

*Most recent SDS submission rate.

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