Support for Employees' Participation in Social Activities

As its employees maintain a keen awareness toward social challenges, Mitsui Chemicals provides support for them to remain human resources that voluntarily take it upon themselves to contribute to society.

One-Coin Club

We set up the One-Coin Club in November 2007. Employees who join the club choose an amount to be deducted from their salaries or bonuses, which is used to fund donations to organizations involved in social activities. The One-Coin Club Management Committee, formed by volunteer members, specifies the priority areas for support, and reviews and selects which organizations donations should be made to.

Priority Areas of Support

  • Activities aimed at nurturing future generations/saving lives and protecting the livelihoods of children
  • Activities aimed at supporting people with disabilities/contributing to patients with intractable diseases
  • Activities that contribute to medical/maintenance disaster response systems
  • Activities that protect the global environment

As of October 2019, the Club had 733 members, who between them contributed approximately ¥3.7 million to the fund in fiscal 2019.
In fiscal 2019, we donated a total of ¥6.4 million — ¥3.2 million from the One-Coin Club and a matching gift* of the same amount from the Company — to a total of 16 organizations involved in a range of social activities. The Club also donated ¥850,000 from its fund to support those who suffered from the heavy rains by Typhoons Faxai and Hagibis.

*Matching gifts :
A program that supports employees’ social contribution activities whereby a company provides a matching donation of the same amount when an employee donates to a social or environmental organization.

 the One-Coin Club

Organizations That Benefited from Donations in Fiscal 2019

Organization Name (In random order) Priority Areas of Support Past
United Nations World Food Programme (Japan) (1) 2008-2019
Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children (1) 2008-2019
SUCCESS (1) 2011-2019
Nanbyo Network (1) (2) 2009-2019
Guide Dog & Service Dog & Hearing Dog Association of Japan (2) 2008-2019
Japan Marrow Donor Registry Promotion Conference (2) 2008, 2010-2019
Helicopter Emergency Medical Network (HEM-Net) (3) 2010-2019
team RESCUE (4) 2012-2019
Asia Prevention of Blindness Association (2) 2013, 2016-2019
Japan Environmental Action Network (4) 2015-2019
Chance for Children (1) 2017-2019
Kamonohashi Project (1) 2015, 2018-2019
5years (2) 2018-2019
Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) (1) (3) 2009, 2012-2017, 2019
FoE Japan (4) New

As part of our health and productivity management, the Company and the labor union have called on employees to participate in the WFP Walk the World since fiscal 2014. The WFP Walk the World is a charity walk event held by the United Nations World Food Programme, and offers employees an opportunity to raise their awareness of world hunger.
On our Family Day, we organized a presentation about assistance dogs from a member of the Guide Dog & Service Dog & Hearing Dog Association of Japan, one of the organizations that we help. The presentation was attended by our employees and their families, as well as employees of other companies in the same building, and gave us an opportunity to reflect on creating an inclusive society.

Community Service Leave Program

In August 2008, we introduced a community service leave program to provide support for employees participating in social activities, by enabling them to take up to two day’s paid leave a year. In fiscal 2019, employees made use of the program 88 times.
Since 2011, we have also been allowing employees to take up to eight days’ special leave each year, so that they can engage in social activities aimed at providing disaster relief.

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