It is indispensable to raise the awareness of our individual employees for product stewardship. We provide them with training programs to acquire knowledge to comply with regulations and handle products correctly, and spread the knowledge across the supply chain in order to establish a corporate culture that protects human health and the environment.

The chemicals management training program of Mitsui Chemicals comprises e-learning, a basic course, and an advanced course. In fiscal 2021, we held the program as a combination of online education, which allows participants to join the program from any business site amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and face-to-face education, which makes communication easier.

E-Learning We provide employees with a basic knowledge of chemicals management to ensure the safety of our products and legal compliance. Educational records are managed by an internal system.
ScopeAll employees in business and laboratories and all line managers of works and indirect departments

Education contents

  • . Basics of laws and regulations on chemicals management
  • . Basics of chemicals management in Mitsui Chemicals
    • Mitsui Chemicals Responsible Care Policy
    • Basic knowledge specified by corporate rules on chemicals management
Basic course Introductory education for new employees
Understanding of the background and overall picture of chemicals management work.
TargetNew employees assigned to laboratories

Education contents

  • What is chemicals management? Laws and responsible care (RC)
  • Risk assessment and risk management for chemical substances, and basic knowledge on "safer product development"
Basic seminar
We provide employees with knowledge of specific procedures for chemicals management in our companies to secure the safety and compliance of our products.
ScopeEmployees responsible for practical handling in the business division, laboratories, etc.

Education contents

Part 1: Chemicals management in Mitsui Chemicals

  • Identification of chemical substances contained in products, and investigation and collection of safety information
  • Product risk assessment in Mitsui Chemicals
  • Providing safety information (SDS, labels, etc.)
  • Compliance before product market introduction, and chemicals management after product market introduction

Part 2: Domestic and overseas legal trends

Advanced course Learning about chemicals specific to a certain product or application, such as food packaging materials.
TargetPeople involved in specific products and applications, and people responsible for practical chemicals management

Education contents

Events held in FY2021 (example)

  • Explanatory meeting on Chemical Substances Control Law
  • Explanatory meeting on the positive list (PL) system for utensils, containers, and packages for food
  • Basic seminar on Mitsui Chemicals Safety Information System (MiCSIS)
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