Environmental Accounting/Compliance

Environmental Compliance

The Mitsui Chemicals Group believes that compliance with the environmental laws and regulations of the nations and regions in which it operates and addressing the opinions and complaints of local residents are an important part of environmental compliance.
Through training our employees about environmental laws and regulations and conducting audits at each of our operating sites, we aim for zero violations of environmental laws and regulations. Moreover, management at each of our locations conducts regular meetings with members of local communities so as to exchange opinions and broaden understanding in regard to the operation of the facility. Each business site fields complaints and comments from local residents. Moreover, Mitsui Chemicals opens our Risk Hotline that allows members of the local community to express their opinions. Thanks in part to these efforts, there were no violations of environmental laws or regulations in fiscal 2021. We will continue our efforts in environmental compliance in order to earn and maintain the trust of society in general.

Environmental Accounting

Mitsui Chemicals invests as much as is necessary in responsible care, including environmental initiatives and occupational health and safety. We also compile and publish our environmental accounts in accordance with the Environmental Accounting Guidelines set out by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 2005.

Environmental Accounts (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Environmental Accounts (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Environmental Accounts
Breakdown of Investment and Expenditure (FY2021 Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Unit: million yen

Category Main initiatives Investment Expenditure
1. Business area costs
(Cost of reducing the environmental impact of production and service activities within our business area)
1,449 16,008
1-1 Pollution prevention cost Measures to prevent VOC air pollution, odors, reduce wastewater, etc. (913) (12,402)
1-2 Global environmental conservation cost Energy saving equipment (250) (768)
1-3 Resource circulation cost Recycling waste plastics, etc. (286) (2,838)
2. Upstream/downstream costs
(Cost of reducing the environmental impact of production and service activities in upstream or downstream areas)
0 0
3. Administration cost
(Cost of environmental management activities)
Maintaining environmental management systems, training employees, etc. 0 621
4. R&D costs
(Cost of environmental research and development activities)
Developing products and processes to protect the environment, reduce environmental impact, etc. 0 6,614
5. Social activity costs
(Cost of environmental social activities)
Increasing greenery, funding measures to combat pollution, etc. 0 148
6. Environmental remediation cost
(Cost of remediating environmental damage)
Remediating pollution, etc. 0 757
Total 1,449 24,139

Environmental Accounts
Breakdown of Economic Impact (FY2021 Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Unit: million yen

Category Main benefits Economic
1. Income from recycling Recycling waste into resources 325
2. Income from saving energy Saving energy 456
3. Income from saving resources Improving our raw material intensity index 331
Total 1,112

*Scope of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.: Parent company production sites and the Sodegaura Center

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